Snappy Doors + Win a Ticket to SNAP!

Supermom Door at SNAP 2012

We are headed back to SNAP this year, and are super-excited to be hosting the Door Decorating Contest. It all started when we decided to turn our 2012 SNAP hotel room into the “Supermom Headquarters” for our stay, affixing our burst logo with vinyl to the hotel door. We didn’t ask permission, were a bit sneaky, and NEARLY forgot to remove it when we checked out (wonder what the hotel charge would have been for that?), but all is well that ends well, and it was so fun to share our excitement with the rest of the attendees.

Supermom Door at SNAP 2012

Last year the whole door decorating thing came above board at SNAP, and thanks to the contest sponsor 3M there were command strips galore. Check out some of these fun doors…

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Win 121 Pages of Valentines Printables!

Remember the ULTIMATE Valentines Day Printable Bundle that we created with 20+ other fabulous bloggers? Well this week we’re giving away a FREE Printable Bundle to one lucky reader!

School Lunch Kit for Valentine's Day at #valentines

In case you missed it we gave an in-depth look at the darling “Heart on a String” Valentine’s Lunch Kit that we designed exclusively for this printable pack. Here is a look at the rest of the goodies inside.

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Shave Ice Party + Free Printables

Free Printable Labels for Shave Ice Syrup

First off I want to mention that I’m guest posting today over at the SNAP Blog, and if you’re a blogger, you’ll definitely want to read my post.

Okay, now this story begins back at Mother’s Day, when our friend Dr. Debbie got the sweetest Mother’s Day gift — a shaved ice machine. We’re not talking about a little, hand-crank, snow cone maker, but a totally legit, industrial-size ice shaver. To a pregnant lady craving snow cones daily, I was immediately struck with envy. So I did what I always do when I want something — I searched for it on Amazon sells EVERYTHING right? Right!

There before my eyes was the Great Northern Premium Quality Ice Cub Commercial Ice Shaver. I immediately sent the link to my darling husband and requested one for my birthday. Gratefully he came through, and our Phoenix summer was much cooler as we enjoyed snow cones pretty much daily all summer long.

How to Host a Shave Iced Party

Well it seems a shame to keep such a good thing to ourselves, so last Saturday we invited all our family and friends over for a Shave Ice Party! I had a lot of fun creating a few details to make the party special. Naturally we’d need to tape up in our kitchen a big menu poster showing all the shaved ice flavors available. I printed it as a 24×36-inch, large-format, black-and-white engineering print at Staples for just a few dollars.

Free Printable Shave Ice Flavor Poster

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Our Family’s Project Life + Giveaway!

How to Use Project Life at

As Aimée explained yesterday, we are just smitten with the simplicity of using Project Life to capture our memories. Today I’m sharing a few pages from my family’s Project Life album.

How to Use Project Life at

I thought you might like a peek at the pages I made about baby Rockwell’s birth. You know what they say about how you take tons of pictures of your first born and as you have more kids they’re lucky if you even remember to get out the camera? Well in this era of camera phones, having enough pictures is NO problem. Exactly WHAT to do with all those pictures or even getting those pictures onto paper, is another story! The fact that I already have hard-copy prints of Rockwell actually in an album is certainly a record for our family.

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