How to Make Paper Snowflakes + Free Cutting Templates

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to cut out a snowflake from paper. Whether you’re making a bunch of paper snowflakes as inexpensive decor four your next holiday party or you’re just looking for a fun winter project to do with your kiddos — it’s such a special moment when you unfold your paper to reveal the snowflake!

Imagine you’re a magical snowflake sculptor, and your scissors are the wands that bring these icy wonders to life. Gather your little wizards, and let’s create some winter magic!

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Cutting Snowflakes with the Family

My kids love to take a sheet of paper and turn it into a dazzling snowflake! If you want to cut a simple paper snowflake the old-fashioned way, you probably vaguely remember the steps from when you were in elementary school. It involves folding paper, cutting out a bunch of random bits and chunks, and then opening it up to reveal the surprising shape.

If you’re like me, though, you might be a bit rusty on the simple steps to follow. Afterall, you might also remember (or recently realized) it is possible to cut your folded paper in the wrong spots and totally ruin your snowflake… OOPS!

It’s fun to wonder how the snowflake will look while cutting it, and the best part is when you see the finished snowflake as you unfold it! Follow these images and tips to make cutting paper snowflakes an amazing experience for your crew.

The Best Snowflake Book

I also wanted to quickly tell you about this amazing snowflake book I found called The Secret Life of a Snowflake by Kenneth Libbrect. It is filled with incredible actual photographs of real snowflakes — it’s absolutely breathtaking! If you’re a homeschooling mama, definitely get this book since it’s packed with science info and you could do a whole unit on Snowflakes!

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How to Make PAPER Snowflakes

Today I’m sharing my method for making perfect snowflakes but first I’m going to share a more basic tutorial in case you’re just wanting to cut snowflakes for fun! Use these instructions to make snowflakes for Christmas or to celebrate winter any other time of the year! Many of our friends out in Virginia are having a crazy amount of snow days with their kids home from school, and cutting snowflakes along with these other fun winter activities would be a great way to pass the time!

You can tape paper snowflakes up on a window, string on a garland, or scatter at a party. (Go see the Frozen Birthday Party we created with these snowflakes!) Of course, be sure to pin this post as well. That way you will have it handy for winter fun next year!

paper snowflake SUpplies

Basic tools you’ll need: 

  • Lightweight Paper (like plain printer paper)
  • Pair of Scissors (with sharp tips)
  • Paper Snowflake Template (free download at the end of this post)

Try using a different kind of paper to mix things up:

  • Metallic or glitter paper
  • Colored copier paper
  • Wrapping paper (for larger snowflakes)
  • Tissue paper
  • Tracing paper
  • Construction paper
  • Old Sheet Music or Book Pages
  • Parchment paper
  • Coffee filters
  • Doilies (seriously make doily snowflakes — you won’t regret it!)

For hanging your snowflakes

  • Tape
  • Fishing Line, String or Twine
  • Small hole puncher 
  • Command Hooks

You can display your beautiful wintery creations dangling from the ceiling or try covering your whole wall like I did here.

Snowflakes on the Wall

Basic paper snowflakes INSTRUCTIONS

1. Make a Square

Start with a square piece of paper. If your paper isn’t already square, fold one corner diagonally to meet the opposite edge, forming a triangle. Trim off the excess paper along the bottom, then unfold to create a perfect square.

2. Fold in Half

Fold the square in half to create a rectangle. You’ll want the edges to align perfectly, then crease the fold.

3. Fold inTO THIRDS

To help you eyeball thirds, take the folded rectangle and quickly fold in half (to a square shape) and use your finger tip to mark a center crease. Unfold your square back to the rectangle from Step 2. Now bring both ends inward, overlapping the left corner to create a triangle with the point at the center spot you creased. Press the fold down to create crisp creases.

4. Create a Smaller Triangle

Fold in half, bringing one side of the triangle over to the other, creating an EVEN smaller triangle. Press down firmly, make sharp creases all around. It’s not necessary, but if you’re going for perfection this is where you might want to use a bone folder (or another rigid object like the body of a marker).

5. Cut Out Shapes

Begin cutting small random shapes along both edges of the folded paper. Feel free to experiment with different cuts, but be careful not to cut too much, especially in the center — you’ll need some of the creased edges to stay connected or your paper will disintegrate as you unfold. It’s fun to experiment with the cutting and create your own designs. (See below for cutting templates to help you cut classic, perfect snowflakes.)

6. Unfold Carefully

Carefully unfold the paper to reveal your unique snowflake design. Be careful not to tear any delicate sections. If there are uneven parts or areas you wish were different, you can refold to adjust and refine your cuts.

7. Admire Your Snowflake

Open up your paper creation and marvel at the beautiful snowflake you’ve crafted! You can hang it up, tape it to a window, or use it to decorate your winter wonderland.

Enjoy the magic of creating your very own paper snowflake!

Paper Snowflakes on the Wall

Cutting random snowflakes is a great activity for a wintry day. Just like real snowflakes, paper ones can come in many unique forms. So it’s definitely OK not to overthink it! Just teach the kids how to fold the paper, let them cut random shapes and have fun with it!

However, as an adult there’s been many occasions when I’ve wished I could repeat some perfect snowflakes. Sometimes when I’m cutting a snowflake it ends up too heavy or thin in certain areas. Just random cutting can sometimes mean your snowflakes become overly rounded or make unusual shapes. I have often wished I knew exactly where to cut to get that perfect snowflake shape. That is why I created my snowflake patterns. These printable templates are the easiest way to cut a gorgeous classic snowflake perfectly every time.

How to Cut Out a Snowflake - free paper snowflakes templates @PagingSupermom


Several years ago I made a couple of really beautiful snowflakes. I knew immediately what to do. I quickly folded them back up so I could trace over a cutting template.

Time and time again, I have used my snowflakes templates to make paper snowflakes that even Goldilocks would agree are “Just right!” Get your copy of my snowflake cutting template at the end of this post!

Paper snowflakes can be a great inexpensive way to decorate for a party or event, but if you are going to be putting the snowflakes on display like that, it would be nice to be able to repeat a perfect snowflake over and over again, so here’s how to do it…

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How to Make a Snowflake with this Paper Snowflakes templates

Follow these step-by-step photo tutorial to prep your paper to use with the printable snowflake templates to make perfect 6-point snowflakes.

Folding the Paper - How to Make Snowflakes out of Paper

(1) Start with a square piece of paper. If using regular paper, begin by cutting your rectangle down to a square. The template is sized for 8.5” x 8.5” squares, so you can trim the longest side down to that size to fit.

(2) Fold the square piece of paper in half to create a rectangle and crease.

(3) Next we need to fold into thirds, but to help guide you to find the perfect thirds, fold the paper in half again.

(4) Use the tip of your finger to mark the top of the crease. This is your halfway point. Unfold so you’re back at the half in Step 2.

(5) Fold both ends inward in thirds. They should come to a point at the mark you made in Step 4.

(6) Once you make a triangle shape, crease it well. Now you’re done folding the paper!

(7) Trace the shapes of one of our paper snowflakes cutting template onto your folded paper. (Get the free template download via the email form at the end of this post.)

(8) Cut out the shapes. We use sharp, detail scissors, but a craft knife can also be handy for cutting out shapes in the middle of the paper.

Carefully unfold the paper to reveal your perfect paper snowflake!

SUPER-TIP: You can smooth out any creases from folding by lightly ironing your snowflakes using the low setting.

How to Cut Out a Snowflakes - get perfect paper snowflakes using this free snowflakes templates @PagingSupermom

How to make snowflakes out of paper & BEYOND!

Now that you know how to cut out a snowflake, are you ready to try something more? From here, you can make paper snowflakes in different sizes using larger sheets of papers. You can also use various paper colors or thicknesses too. Imagine how amazing it would be to have snowflakes out of transparent vellum — oooh! Maybe even tin foil?!

You can also dress up your paper snowflakes by gluing on glitter or sequins to make the ultimate flake. Or you can sprinkle glitter on its glued surface and make them shimmer in your Christmas lights. 

The possibilities are endless to make your own creative, perfect paper snowflakes. At the end of the day, just make sure you have fun this winter with your family!

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