Meet Baby Apple

No, I haven’t decided to name my child after Gwyneth’s little one… I finally got my iMac!!! Would you excuse a little fawning over my new computer?

Bettijo Got a Mac!

I’ve been pining for an iMac for years now, and saved to buy one several times, but alas there is always another priority that swoops in. Last year it was a new air conditioner (here in Phoenix when it’s, oh, 118 degrees, a working A/C quickly overtakes every other priority!) So this year, when I finally had the required amount and before anything else could pop up — I made that epic trip to the Mac Store.

“I’d like to buy an iMac please,” was my response when the man in the blue shirt asked me how he could help.

Since I just had a baby, I had to laugh at myself when on the Friday before the pre-determined day when I’d buy my iMac (I thought it would be poetic to go on July 4th to declare my Independence from my bogged down PC), I found myself in my office cleaning. Afterall I wanted things to be just so when I brought home my new computer — sounds like the tell-tale pregnancy “nesting” eh? Here’s a peek at the new nursery:

Bettijo Workspace

Surely it would be going too far to say I was as giddy to meet my new baby Mac as I was too meet Miss Mimi, but still my happiness meter was up there.

I set my desktop background to “Horizon” which is this beautiful photo of the ocean. Just to give you an idea of how large and looming the 27-inch iMac is, when Piper walked into my office a couple days ago, she stopped short when she saw the screen. She looked at me a bit concerned and asked, “Do sharks live there?”

Seriously. Kids are great — you can’t make this stuff up!

Do Sharks Live There?

Now I’m going through the pains of figuring out my iMac — there definitely is a bit of a learning curve in switching from PC to Mac — but I’m told my efforts will be well worth it. This is a much faster, more reliable computer for all my design work. As a new mother of three trying to keep up with this fun blog, I definitely need a speedy computer. Hopefully we’ll all benefit from my new, little Applette’s mega-fast processor.

My iMac is Beautiful

At the very least, she is a beauty.

Do you have something that you’ve been saving up for?

Bettijo Bridges

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Bettijo is the founder and designer of Paging Supermom where she shares creative ideas for family fun. Known for practical and kid-friendly activities, free printables and holiday entertainment. Bettijo was a guest on the Martha Stewart Show and has frequently appeared on local TV. Her work has also been featured in national magazines including Real Simple, O, Redbook, Parents, Family Circle, and Health. She enjoys art, retro-modern design, photography and making new things. Mom of 4 kids.

4 thoughts on “Meet Baby Apple”

  1. Love the Apple Store. Love Mac. Love your blog. Enjoy your newest “baby” and hope it brings you many, many hours of creative enjoyment.

  2. Hi,

    I’m saving for a new mac, as well. Was blessed with an iPad last birthday… and now want an iPad2 as well.

    I have a new theme on my thrifty, recessionhome site on “Things worth saving for!” and it’s true. Some things really are. We are trying to teach the kids the benefit of saving their $, and it’s a hard lesson learned. Nothing like giving them a $5.00 and watching them agonize at parting with it!

    With two kids in school, a mac would be so much easier to compile movies, reports, etc. for the kids… of course, for me, too! :)


  3. May I ask where your desk it from?? I need something just like it. I am also saving for a new mac. Our Imac died a couple years ago and now my husband and I share our macbook pro.


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