Let the Magic Begin!

I’ve always loved Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day. Even as a little kid, I loved being with my family in the living room with only the lights on the Christmas tree shining. The excitement of not really knowing what was under the tree mingled with the thought of Santa sneaking in sometime that night was simply magical.

Now, as a Mom, I’m so excited to make each Christmas season magical for my boys. Between Polar Express rides, lunch with Santa, cookie baking, carol singing, gift wrapping, shopping, more shopping, sled rides (fake snow in 80 degree whether counts, right?), visits to Santa, reindeer feeding, late-night drives to see the lights, too many parties with too many goodies, special books, fun music and more… many of our exciting Christmas activities are coming to a close. But the most magical still remains: Christmas Eve. I’m so excited; I just can’t wait to share this special time with my husband and boys.

Merry Christmas everyone!

3 thoughts on “Let the Magic Begin!”

  1. I agree, our family always thought Christmas Eve was very special, maybe it’s the quiet of the night, the majesty of the stars, or the fact that magical things really do happent at night. Merry Christmas to all SuperMoms everywhere.


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