Be Careful What You Promise



I told my oldest daughter that she could pick the paint color for her room. Big surprise, she picked pink. What I hadn’t really planned on, though, was the incredibly bright shade she set her heart on. It is in the neighborhood of hot pink and aptly named “Invitation to a Princess.” Perhaps I should not have told her the name — it most certainly didn’t help dissuade her from the color.

Since I had already agreed to let her pick, I didn’t go back on my word. I did, however, have to draw the line at her request that the ceiling be painted pink too. Once I found this wallpaper I gained hope that her bold pink choice could really work. We’ve got a few more things to do before the girls’ room is complete. Stay tuned for lots of pictures.

Bettijo Bridges

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3 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Promise”

  1. Wow! I even need sunglasses to look at this photo! How fun, how sweet! It’s just paint, right? Enjoy it now because you’ll be sad when your big girl is done with “invitation to a princess” and wants to paint it a boring yellow or something.

  2. On the plus side, she’ll always remember that you let her do it. My daughter is older, but she’s going through a “part the bangs in the middle phase.” She’s likely to blame me for that one later, but I’ve documented some of her comments for a future defense. She once told me, “Mom, I want my bangs to look like curtains.”


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