A Supermom’s Virtual Christmas Party

… and you’re invited!

Okay, my house is decorated, the Christmas tunes are playing and hot cocoa is steaming, so I want to invite you over. However, there’s no way we’d all fit in my living room, so we need to get a little creative…

Let’s have a VIRTUAL Christmas party. You up for that?

Here’s what Bettijo and I are thinking: simply snap a picture of your decorated Christmas tree or any other favorite holiday decoration and post it to our Facebook page. It’ll be like our own parade of Christmas trees!

And, I’m thinking we may have a special party favor to post next week…

Want a hint for what the party favor will be? I’ll say this much: we get numerous emails requesting something specific—and we’re finally obliging! Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “A Supermom’s Virtual Christmas Party”

  1. Just found your website and love it! Now following on facebook and just uploaded a photo. It was hard to just choose one :) Thanks for the invite – looking forward to trying out your ideas in my home! Merry Christmas!


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