Don’t Run with Scissors

My two-year-old is fascinated with scissors. She can barely wrap her pudgy little hand around a pair (her older sister’s pre-school scissors), but is undeterred. Earlier today, I had to chuckle softly to myself when after a fair amount of effort trying to cut a paper in half, she ended up just tearing it. That’s my girl, at least she’s resourceful and doesn’t give up.


Yet all this fascination with scissors is bound to make a Mom worry. (I’m thinking poked eyes and self-made hairstyles.) Then I found these new kid-friendly scissors from EK Success, which promise to cut paper but not hair. It’s true. I tried. The scissor’s tips are rounded so the eyes are safe too.

These even meet all TSA guidelines — although you shouldn’t run with scissors, you can fly with them.

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