Advertising Works: Light-up Sketchers

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This year Liam will wear a uniform to preschool. I’m TOTALLY disappointed. I whole-heartedly support uniforms in schools — but preschool? I’m having a hard time swallowing it.

So, as any Mom would do in her shiniest of her shiny Supermom Moments, I’m carefully combing the web to find the funnest shoes, belts and anything else I can muster up to accessorize his uniform. (I assure you, that’s a pretty hard task for a Mom of little boys.)

Anyway, I ordered the cutest converse ev-er from crewcuts, and when they arrived, I tore open the box, and then I ran them over to Liam to excitedly show him his new red shoes. (I have a thing for red shoes and red baseball hats. But yes, baseball hats are NOT part of the uniform.) As I handed him the new shoes he says giggling with a smile: “Ah man! I really wanted light-up Sketchers!”


Besides why? How in the world does he even know what light-up shoes are? And he is brand loyal to Sketchers already? What was I doing when this happened?

I still don’t know.

He says “everyone” knows about light-up Sketchers.

Note to self: consult “everyone” more often.


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2 thoughts on “Advertising Works: Light-up Sketchers”

  1. haha I love them, the converse, but that is funny that he wants those sketchers! I love that you are trying to make him the coolest with the uniform too haha

  2. I know all about light up Sketchers. I wish they had them in my size! If Liam’s smile doesn’t light up the world, then his adorable little feet will! Love your blog.


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