We Will Never Forget


I know it’s Worksheet Wednesday, but given that today is September 11th, we wanted a truly special worksheet to share. We came up completely blank.

As many of you recall, Aimée and I met while our husbands were in graduate school in Washington D.C. Living just miles from the Pentagon, we experienced September 11th first hand and lived and worked in our nation’s capital as things were rebuilt. I know this day is a painful one for many, and it is difficult for me to believe it has already been 12 years because the wounds in my heart and images in my mind seem so fresh.

The girls have school pictures today, and I remember when they brought home the order forms last week with the date “September 11th” in bold, black print, I felt a mixture of shock and sadness. I’m not upset at the photographer or the school, the shock is an involuntary reaction of seeing that date that I think I will always have.

Today, although we must go about our lives — feeding babies, changing diapers, folding the laundry — we will be remembering. And if you see a few tears in our eyes, you will know why.

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