Cloudy But Clearing

a cloudy forecast

Next week we will be celebrating our blog’s first anniversary! We couldn’t be more excited — we’re so pleased by what’s been accomplished this year and the amazing people we’ve met, including each of you, dear readers!

To celebrate Aimee and I have a big slumber party planned — only it’s going to be less about slumber and more about staying up all night to put into effect all the cool changes we have been planning for the website. We’re truly sorry all of you can’t bring your pillows over for one, gigantic pillow fight. (Can you imagine?!) Still, if you happen to be burning the midnight oil tonight too, drop by our Facebook page to see what we’re up to.

We hope you’ll forgive that our posts have been light this week since we’re a bit distracted getting all the changes ready to go. We can’t wait to reveal everything next week. Cheers!

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Bettijo is the founder and designer of Paging Supermom where she shares what she's dreamed up for family fun. Known for practical and kid-friendly activities, free printables and simple ideas for holidays. She is a single mom of three girls and one boy. Bettijo was a guest on the Martha Stewart Show and has frequently appeared on local television. Her work has also been featured in national magazines including Real Simple, O, Redbook, Parents, Family Circle, and Health. During quieter moments, she enjoys art, retro-modern design, photography and making new things. Bettijo lives with her four kiddos in Phoenix, Arizona.

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