Make Your Rolls Even Yummier


Continuing with our theme of favorite Thanksgiving side dishes, next up is Honey Butter. This is truly a simple addition to your feast that you can make with ingredients on hand: you guessed it, honey and butter. After all, every Thanksgiving dinner seems to have rolls or corn bread, so this is the perfect simple addition to your spread.

As with most recipes, the ratio can be tweaked to your liking. We like the ratio of one to one, so I mix one cup butter with one cup honey. Simply beat your butter until softened; continue beating while you slowly add the honey until thoroughly mixed. Next, scoop it (with an ice cream scoop) into your serving bowl, cover, stash in the back of your fridge (to resist the urge to taste-test all week) and cross one menu item off your list! An hour or so before your Thanksgiving feast, remove the honey butter from the fridge to soften.

I promise it tastes way yummier than it looks!

By the way, you may want to double your batch. Next week we’ll offer a simple honey butter packaging idea for a last-minute teacher, neighbor or hostess gift.


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