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I first discovered Love, Ruby Valentine just after Valentine’s Day last year. One of my daughters found it in the library, and we checked it out. After reading, I really wanted to share it on the blog, but I knew I’d have to wait until Valentines this year.

Remembering my excitement about this book, when I first pulled it out to prepare my review, I quickly re-read the story and wondered why I’d loved it so much last year. I mean the story is fairly clever and has nice rhythm and rhyming (a characteristic I’m loving in author Laurie Friedman’s work), but last year this book had struck a particular cord, and I just wasn’t really feeling it this year. Wondering if I should still review it, I took another gander through, this time looking at what illustrations I’d want to photograph and share with you.

THAT is when it struck me again. I LOVE this story because Ruby Valentine is me.


Of course I don’t live in Heartland in a sweet little cottage with heart-shaped trees, and Valentine’s is not my favorite holiday (that would be Halloween), but I’m certainly no stranger to the hustle and bustle of preparing for some big party or event.

Love Ruby Love GLITTER!

It looks a lot like this anytime I get the glitter out, (probably why I don’t do it more often)


…and if you’ve ever wanted to peek inside either Aimée or my house when we’re preparing for a party, this is a pretty close illustration — do you see all those dishes stacked up? Ya, it’s kinda like that. LOL!


I am also no stranger to pulling an all nighter in order to find a few extra kid-free hours to prep. In fact, if you look very closely into the windows of Ruby’s house above, I’m sure you can see Aimée and I working busily away beside her (or maybe that’s just in my imagination?)


I love this part: after Ruby has put the finishing touch on her wagon full of Valentine’s goodies, she goes yawning up the stairs (it’s about 4:30am — my educated guess). She’s been up all night, and now it’s time to shower and dress before the big day. After everything is perfect. She has just a few minutes to spare. She sees her nice, warm bed and decides a quick nap couldn’t hurt.


That was her mistake. After going non-stop for days Ruby quietly sleeps all through Valentine’s Day. She doesn’t wake up until February 15. She missed the whole holiday.

What Will Ruby Valentine Do?

All her tireless work is wasted! What will Ruby do? Go get the book so you can find out!

She Signs Each And Every One...

A few of my favorite details in the book are the real glitter and foil accents on the dust cover (yes, I know I’m easily distracted by shiny things), and the adorable conversation hearts that are sprinkled inside the covers — I loved reading every one of the messages.


You can order Love, Ruby Valentine for $12 on amazon.com.

Oh and just wanted to mention that I’m loving my new Hipstamatic camera app (did I ever mention I got an iPhone for Christmas?!). I took all the photos for this post with it. I love how it gives photos a cool vintage-y feel, I also love that the apps interface on your phone looks just like an old camera. I think it’s my favorite iPhone app so far. Anyone else tried it?

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