How to Host a Flower Arranging Party

Today I’m sharing ideas from a Flower Arranging Party that I did with my daughters a few years ago. My girls wanted to celebrate summer with their friends, and at the time they were very intrigued by the idea of flower arranging, so we decided to throw this little impromptu gathering. I didn’t intend to blog about it, but as things came together it ended up being really beautiful, and so I wanted to share the idea and free printables so you can perhaps host a flower arranging party of your own.

How to Host a Flower Arranging Party with Tweens

I can’t tell you how often I wish I could truly have superhuman strength, or at the very least more time. I have so many ideas and parties that have been waiting YEARS to be made into blog posts. I’m trying to make my way through the back log, but I can never seem to work fast enough, especially as I find I have less and less time to work on my computer as my the mom duties call. Oh well… it makes for a fun walk down memory lane though. Looking through these photos that were taken back before my big kitchen remodel.

Why Host a Flower Arranging Party?

A flower arranging party is actually a perfect tween party idea, since flower arranging seems like such a grown up thing; yet it’s something they can totally do. It’s not just for kids though, a flower arranging party would also be a fun birthday party idea or absolutely perfect for celebrating Mother’s Day with your pals or just a creative girl’s night out. Pin this image to save these ideas for later:

Flower Arranging Party - free printables from @PagingSupermom

Where to Buy Flowers in Bulk

I purchased the flowers for our party at both Costco and Trader Joes. Even for weddings, I’ve had great success with flowers from these two stores. Costco will typically have more bulk and predictability in the selection, and the prices are great; although, if Trader Joes has the item, they often beat the Costco price. Trader Joes has more unique varieties, and the prices are amazing — I’ve actually heard professional florists who shop TJ for their client orders since they can’t even get as good of a deal from their wholesale sources!

Teaching Flower Arranging

Flower Arranging Basics

To make the arrangements easier, you’ll want to get various types of flowers. Refer to this flower arranging primer for a quick review of the types of flowers (Focal, Form, Mass, Line, Filler and Greens). I would recommend buying your flowers the day of, and go to Trader Joes first. I didn’t worry too much ahead of time, and on that day, I just picked out of what I liked from their stock, choosing several varieties in complimentary colors. I removed all the packaging, and kept the flowers in water until it was time for the flower arranging party to get started.

Tween Party Ideas - Flower Arranging party

The main point of the party was for the girls to have an excuse to get all their friends together, so I spent just a few minutes explaining some basics of flower arranging, and then I let the girls loose.

Flower Arranging Party 8

For vases we recycled peanut butter jars (the Adams brand is our favorite), and I had enough for each girl to take home. You could also use wide-mouth mason jars. You’ll also want to be sure to have plenty of scissors or floral shears handy.

Flower Arranging Party - free printables from @PagingSupermom

I knew it would be important to keep track of each girl’s masterpiece so I created these tags to tie onto their vases with twine when they were finished with the arrangement. If you’d like to get this tag template along with the rest of the printables for this flower arranging party, just fill out the form at the end of this post to get the instant download.

Flower Arranging Party - free printables from @PagingSupermom

Decorating for a Flower Arranging Party

I did a little decorating to make things more of a party and created a door sign and banner to hang over the window near our workspace. I let the girls help me design them, and we didn’t spend much time on it at all.

Des Fleur - Flower Arranging Party Banner via @PagingSupermom
Des Fleur - Flower Arranging Party Banner via @PagingSupermom
Flower Arranging Party - free printables from @PagingSupermom

Sometimes it’s a lot of fun to do a last-minute party because when you have to make do with what you’ve got, some unique ideas usually come to life. Like these mini bouquets that I tied onto the banner and door signs when I felt like they need just a little “something.” I’m sharing the templates for the quick door sign and banner also as part of the free printable Flower Arranging Party Kit. Fill out the form at the end of this post to get the free printable kit.

Decorating Flower cookies at our Flower Arranging Party

Flower Arranging Party Food Ideas

For a sweet snack, we decorated flower-shaped sugar cookies with frosting. The girls also spent some time hanging out in our backyard, chatting and playing with sidewalk chalk.

Flower Chalk Art at our Flower Arranging Party
Flower Chalk Art at our Flower Arranging Party

I loved watching the girls beaming as they showed their parents what they had created. I didn’t help them arrange their flowers AT ALL, but every one turned out gorgeous. If this group of 6-10 year old girls can create these beautiful bouquets, I don’t think you should ever be intimidated by flower arranging!

Getting ready to host your own flower arranging party? Here are more flower arranging tips to share plus check out this post that details how to make easy flower crowns with live flowers.

Tween Party Ideas - Flower Arranging party
Beautiful Flower Arrangements from our Flower Arranging Party via @PagingSupermom


Glass Jars for Vases
Gold Scissors
Jute Twine
Flower Cookie Cutter
Sidewalk Chalk
White Lace-Top Metal Bucket

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