What Supermoms Look Like

Aimee and I met on Saturday afternoon for a Supermom planning meeting. We actually got quite a lot accomplished and even received lots of “help” with our brainstorming from my two Superkids. As we were discussing ideas for the future of Supermom Moments, Attalie (my oldest) offered to draw a picture of what Supermoms look like. We think it turned out fabulous!

We Are Supermoms Drawing

I’m the one in blue (you can tell by the curly hair). Attalie said she drew Aimee in pink because it’s Aimee’s favorite color. As you can see, we’re both wearing capes and masks around our eyes. Attalie said the masks were really easy to draw because she just drew them like glasses.

You might be wondering (like I was) about those things along the bottom, and as Attalie so kindly explained to me: they are people and houses that are really small because we are flying very high in the sky and things on the ground would appear much smaller. Of course.

So now that we’ve heard all of Attalie’s ideas, we’d love to hear from you, dear reader. What would you like to see more of from us in the future — worksheets, coloring pages, craft ideas, parties, recipes? We want to know what you like reading about!

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7 thoughts on “What Supermoms Look Like”

  1. Would love to hear what you have planned this summer. My girls are finally reaching the age where I can’t “wing it” anymore. We have a 2 camps lined up but am curious if you follow a daily/weekly schedule. Thanks SO much! Love your blog!! :)

  2. 4th of July crafts, summer recipes for picky eaters
    Also, any thoughts on a “bored box”? Would you put in toys/games that you currently have that are in the recycle rotation or buy some fresh ones? I have paints & other craft supplies that can go in it. And how big of a box should it be? (BTW, my daughter is 4. We live in Texas & it gets super hot here in the summer.) I am interested in hearing anyone’s ideas.

  3. Maybe some summer indoor fun, since it is so hot out. Kind of like rainy days. Summer crafts are always fun and my girls love them.

  4. Darling picture! I recognized you both immediately… I love all the ideas on the site! Especially the ones where we can print out crafts/coloring pages since some of us are design-challenged (and that means ME!!!) Keep up the good work girls!!


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