A Real Tragedy

So last Wednesday I was mourning a broken candy jar. I guess I was begging fate calling that a “tragedy.” What’s worse? How about a broken face!

My husband was playing a friendly game of softball Thursday night, pitching actually. He took a line drive to the left cheek which landed him in the hospital. I’ll spare you the gory pics, but I thought this image from his CT scan was interesting. In the words of the ER physician that treated him, “I don’t think there’s a bone on that side of your face that you didn’t break.”


Heath had surgery Friday evening to reconstruct his cheekbone and eye socket. I warned the surgeon that I’m a perfectionist, and he laughed and said he was too. We’re told the operation was successful. He is still in substantial pain but hopefully will have the same handsome face I fell in love with.

Bettijo Bridges

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5 thoughts on “A Real Tragedy”

  1. Ouch. That is a spectacular x-ray! Hope the pain-killers are working and that he feels better soon. Am sure this does make you feel a little better about losing that great jar.

  2. Sorry to hear about your hubby! Hope he can have some ice cream and Italian ices ! What a way to bring in the school year !

    Wishing him a speedy recovery !

  3. Saw you girls on Martha Stewart’s show this a.m. You were great!
    Both of you are really cute girls. Sorry about your husband. Which
    one of you is married to him? My little granddaughter got a severe
    burn from a candle. She says Heavenly Father is healing her face
    and she is getting her miracle and healing wonderfully well.
    I am looking to new posts on your terrific ideas!!

    • Jani, I’m glad you saw us. It was really exciting for us to be on the show. This softball accident happened to Bettijo’s husband — she’s the one that did the demo with Martha. He’s healed up really well.


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