Slow Down World!

Boy With Loose Tooth

A couple weeks ago Liam came home from kindergarten enthusiastically telling me his top front tooth was loose. It took all I had not to break down in tears. And without thinking, I heard myself demand, “Don’t wiggle your tooth!”

Boy Showing Loose Tooth

The next thing I remember is frantically texting my talented friend and neighbor (who took all the awesome pictures for Harrison’s Country Ghost Birthday party) to schedule a photoshoot. When I explained my reason for an impromptu photo session, she laughed and totally agreed that Liam’s baby smile is one to document. (That’s validation I’m not crazy, right?)

At this point I may have accidentally given Liam a mini lecture requesting no football play during recess, and explaining I will only be serving him applesauce and soups until after his photoshoot scheduled for the next evening. Recent rumors have accused me of perhaps threatening to take away his iTouch and a few other treats should he be caught wiggling his front toot — but I stand firm that this Sometimes Supermom would never threaten such miserable disciplinary actions for something so trivial.

Happy Boy

Of course, the day of Liam’s pictures was cRaZY and nothing went as planned! Harrison got very sick… we were having my studio walls painted and floor replaced… but since Liam’s tooth hadn’t fallen out yet, I was determined to take time to document his little-boy smile before it was changed forever.

Smiling Boy With Loose Tooth

Fast forward a few days, and Liam’s little tooth has just fallen out. At school. Onto his classroom floor. Never to be seen again. Although I miss that little, baby tooth, his new, partially toothless, big-kid smile is absolutely adorable. (And a few nasty rumors are circulating that I’m still prohibiting football during recess — this time to prevent breakage to his incoming permanent teeth! Who’s spreading these awful rumors? Seriously, what Mom would be so paranoid as to discourage such fun play?)

Thanks, Jenn for capturing Liam’s little boy smile!

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4 thoughts on “Slow Down World!”

  1. I understand your emotional attachment more than you know. My own beautiful daughter is loosing her front top two teeth due to a seemingly harmless fall on some wooden landscape steps. Turns out the damage cause premature reabsorbtion of the tooth roots (exactly what happens when the adult teeth are ready to push through). Bummer of the deal is my daughter is 2 1/2 years old. We are crazy about snapping pictures of her smile before it becomes incomplete for the next several years. Good thing she’s a happy kid who smiles often – the memories will be cherished!

    • Oh no! I’m sorry to hear about your daughter’s damaged teeth! At least she’ll have a good story to tell! In the mean time, keep snapping those pictures.


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