Living Room Camp-out

We’re down to our final weeks before school starts. Our family thoughtfully made our list of 10 Things to Do Before School Starts, and we have at least one exciting request planned for each week day until then. Topping my boys’ list? CAMPING!

Liam 2

We had to cheat a little on this one, as my boys have been begging us to take them camping all summer. Although my husband and I enjoy camping, we just didn’t feel ready to take the boys on a real outdoor excursion. (By the sound of that statement you would never guess Clint is an Eagle Scout and growing up I spent 13 summers at a camp on Lake Coeur d’Alene in northern Idaho!) Truth be told, we’ve had too many trips planned for this summer, and I just didn’t know WHEN we would fit in another overnighter!

So, when I realized camping was at the top of Liam’s list, we had to do something. We are already planning a weekend at a cabin up North before school starts—yet apparently “cabin” doesn’t constitute camping to my boys. (Again, remember I did used to camp, so don’t judge me too hard here!) Next best thing: the Living Room!

After an evening of s’mores (with marshmallows roasted in our backyard gas fireplace), we snuggled into our earlier-that-day-purchased-one-minute-set-up tent (which, by the way, is fabulous) in our living room. We spent some time reading stories, using our light saber flashlights and (admittedly) watching a movie (the tent door conveniently faced the television) before settling down and falling asleep.

It was the BEST camp out ev-er!

(And I know somebody is going ask why we didn’t camp in the backyard? We live in the desert and we back up to a wash… what if there were a snake?!?)


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6 thoughts on “Living Room Camp-out”

  1. We’re planning to camp in the living room this weekend too. I’m just going to rig a tent using sheets, but it’s still going to be a ton of fun. I’m liking the idea of doing a Christmas in August theme, just ’cause I’m in the mood. Crank the a/c for a few hours, sip some hot chocolate, bake some cookies and then snuggle up in our tent to watch the Polar Express.

    All this just to pretend for a day that it isn’t a zillion degrees outside.

  2. My idea of camping is a 4 star resort. Forget the snakes — it is the scorpions I worry about! I like your idea of camping inside the AC’ed house.


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