Free Printable St. Patrick’s Day Gift Tags

Free Printable St. Patrick's Day Gift tag via @PagingSupermom

Today I’m sharing fun, multi-purpose free printable St. Patricks Day Gift Tags. We have a lot of fun St. Patrick’s Day traditions that our kids look forward to, like cooking a complete Irish meal, watching our favorite leprechaun movies or setting up a leprechaun trap — each year they try to catch one of the little Leprechauns that come and cause trouble in our house. So far they’ve been unsuccessful, but any day now they’ll begin making their elaborate plans, complete with drawings.

St. Patricks Day Gift Tags

Today we’re sharing a free printable template for these cute St. Patricks Day Gift Tags. Just print and cut out to package up a little gift for neighbors, friends or even your kiddos. The tag includes the prompt, “A Little Leprechaun Told Me…” and the fun comes when you fill in the blank!

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