Well I’m sorry to report that yesterday baby Modette received her first stitches. Actually it was my first time getting stitches for any of my children (my husband, on the other hand, seems a bit accident prone and averages stitches about once a year). If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have already seen some pics from our ordeal.

Waiting For Stitches with a Latex Glove Balloon

Piper has had some close calls, but none of my kiddos have been so rambunctious as Miss Modette. She’s seemed pretty determined to have a trip to the ER. Frankly with all her climbing antics I’m surprised that no climbing was actually involved in the accident yesterday. We were at the splash pad (these little public playgrounds with spraying water — a recent but genius invention and favorite summertime hang out here in Phoenix), and she slipped and bonked her head on a metal trash can. It didn’t seem so bad when it first happened, but when I scooped her up to kiss the owie, I was shocked at the deep gouge I saw right above her left eyebrow.

Actually it was not a Supermom Moment at all — I totally panicked and kind of froze. Luckily my friend Sandy was there to think for me and got us all to the Emergency Room where Daddy was waiting. Thank heavens for Superdad who was very calm and kept Modette in good spirits by making latex glove balloons and doing other Daddy-ish antics.

I cried through a lot of it, but Modette was actually a pretty good sport. With some conscious sedation and a steady hand, the doctor gave her 2 internal stitches (it was deep) and 5 external ones.

So how are you at handling your kid’s accidents?

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4 thoughts on “Stitches”

  1. Oh, kid emergencies are so hard! I have been to the emergency room 3 times with my girls, recently our youngest ended up in the emergency room at the U of Chicago Children’s Hospital when she swallowed a hair clip! She never puts anything in her mouth!
    I usually just pray a lot and try to keep myself as calm as I possibly can, so that I don’t make it worse for the little ones. Many times it is harder on the momies, I think! I am glad she is OK!!!

  2. You did much better then me!! I have 6 kids and all cuts and broken bones throw me for a loop. I panic and lose all Mommy skills. I cause them to freak out more so I stay as far away as possible when ER visits are neccessary. Thank Heavens for Daddy and friends.

  3. We had our first ER trip not too long ago, also for stitches! My 3 year old hurt her foot and had to get 3 stitches. Honestly, I’m kind of amazed that we made it 3 years without an ER trip, that girl is insane! I hope your little one heals quickly :)


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