Our Family’s Project Life + Giveaway!

As Aimée explained yesterday, we are just smitten with the simplicity of using Project Life to capture our memories. Today I’m sharing a few pages from my family’s Project Life album.

How to Use Project Life at PagingSupermom.com

I thought you might like a peek at the pages I made about baby Rockwell’s birth. You know what they say about how you take tons of pictures of your first born and as you have more kids they’re lucky if you even remember to get out the camera? Well in this era of camera phones, having enough pictures is NO problem. Exactly WHAT to do with all those pictures or even getting those pictures onto paper, is another story! The fact that I already have hard-copy prints of Rockwell actually in an album is certainly a record for our family.

I just started Project Life after Rockwell was born and already have nearly half an album. The pages can be assembled in seriously minutes and watching my kids go crazy over our family scrapbook is like the biggest Supermom Moment ever — especially watching little Modette who loves to kiss the pictures of baby Rockwell.

How to Use Project Life at PagingSupermom.com

A true test to the simplicity of Project Life, Superdad has taken note of how easy it is and he’s decided to set aside Sunday nights after the kids go to bed to help me scrapbook. Amazing, right?!

I made these pages using the Midnight Edition of Project Life, which is my current favorite. There are so many fun Project Life Editions to choose from, which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below and we just might send you one!

How to use the Midnight Edition of Project Life at PagingSupermom.com

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111 thoughts on “Our Family’s Project Life + Giveaway!”

  1. One of my favorite bloggers does ProjectLife and I am always drooling over her creations. Would love to start one of my own.

  2. I am just in love with the Honey edition. It has such lovely bright colours and beautifully creative design!

  3. Oh I love this! I have been wanting to make a baby book for Hadley for a year now and haven’t been able to find a cute one! I am right with you! Midnight edition. Love it!

  4. I literally just bought my first kit and I am so excited to start using it! I bought the honey one but I love the seafoam kit too!

  5. I have 5th and Frolic and think it is so sweet, but have been eyeing Midnight for weeks. I love that you can mix it with others so easily!

  6. I found out about Project Life awhile back, but still haven’t started my own book because I’m having a hard time trying to pick a core kit! I love Midnight, Cobalt, Honey, Kraft, and Amber! Jade is great, too!

  7. It’s so hard to pick! I’ll say the Seafoam Edition, but it’s a tough choice. Probably the only reason I haven’t purchased a kit yet!

  8. I have so many favorites! I have several kits already but I think I would like to play with Midnight! Love your layouts!

  9. Currently I am in love with 5th and Frolic but I love Midnight too, I love that you can add your own pop of color to it and totally make it fit for anything!

  10. Im in love with 5th and frolic and kraft. Love my album of my baby girl and she goes crazy when she page through it, kids r so cute for showing their emotions :)

  11. Your worksheets have saved me! My daughter is only 3, and knows all the preps for K already! This looks like a fun way to keep up with her memories ;).

  12. My favorite that I have (I have two) is Rain. I am really looking forward to getting Kraft and midnight. Love them both. And I totally missed out on the amazing HSN edition of Dear Lizzy Neapolitan. Love it!

    Thanks for doing the giveaway….I absolutely love project life and what it is doing to keepsake our family.

  13. I love what you did with the Midnight, we just had our 6th child and I was thinking this would be a great way to document his birth and not let him get lost in the pile of brothers and sister! I’d say honey or midnight are my favorite!

  14. I think Honey has to be my favourite too although its very hard to chose! And as for the new mini editions being released later this year ….!

  15. I just started one for my baby boy due in September :) I have to add Midnight to my wishlist! I LOVE it. So far I only have the baby boy small core kit. ♥

  16. I love so many, but my favorite right now is the Baby Edition for Her. I want to get my little miss #1’s baby pictures in a book!

  17. Would love to have Baby Edition for her for my daughter’s 1st year. Or Polka Dot Party is absolutely adorable!

  18. I love the Jade edition and the new one coming out called the Sunshine edition. Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. I like most of the kits, but my favorite is probably Honey. It’s so bright and energetic. The Olive edition has been growing on me and is probably my second favorite.

  20. Love the Seafoam and Kraft editions. New to project life and can’t wait to dive in now that my girls are back in school!

  21. I’m using seafoam at the moment and totally have my eye on midnight for my next kit. Would love to win!

  22. i’ve tried project life two previous times, but it wasn’t until i picked up the midnight edition that i am finally having success at getting pages put together. i loooove it now. next on my list is the neutral baby edition to get my son’s baby album done. but there are so many cute new editions. :]

  23. I’ve only got clementine & cobalt but would love midnight or the new heritage. Unfortunately I will have to wait till Christmas so just admire everyone elses pages.

  24. This looks like the perfect #4 kid scrapbook!! I’m just about out of gas with this one :/ Love what you have done so far!! Looks great

  25. I just got the whole project life system for a friend, but wish I would have gotten one for myself too. The clementine set looks perfect!

  26. Rain is my absolute favorite, followed closely by Cinnamon. However, I’d love to get my hands on the Vintage Travel or Jade.

  27. Midnight edition is definitely my favorite because of its universal simplicity and versatility. But I also adore dear lizzy 5th and frolic and jade for their colors.

  28. I’ve always been curious about project life. I’m afraid I’d spend as much time trying to get the configuration just right as I would on a regular scrapbook page. I’m a bit addicted to photobooks lately since I don’t have to bother getting the pictures printed and then putting them in a book, but I may have to give project life a try!

  29. I’ve just discovered project life today and I already know I’m gonna have to dive into it ASAP! I’m 38 weeks pregnant so I’m going to have my baby soon and I’m pretty sure I won’t have much time to fiddle around with my smashbook like I’d planned… Looks like project life will be a new addiction but not as time consuming :D

  30. Love the Midnight edition and the Amber edition. The pages look great. Might just motivate me to get on this and start mine!

  31. The Cobalt kit is beautiful. I love the rich, bright colors. But, really, they are all so COOL! This is such a wonderful product. So, EXACTLY!!! what I have been searching for. Thanks for this Giveaway chance!

  32. I’m in love with this! I keep wanting to get started but just haven’t done it yet, but oh how I would love to!

  33. fingers crossed for the seafoam edition by Elise Blaha Cripe :) – i want to start an album and have my 9 year old do a mini album at the same time!

  34. Oh this is the cutest!! I need this to start since I just have Hudson now and I can keep up on it !! I love the kit that you used Bettijo!!

  35. I SO need to do this. None of my kids books are even started. My 10 year old daughters baby book is still in the boutique bag from when I purchased it while pregant. Truly embarrassing. An intervention is definitely needed.

  36. I’ve heard a few friends talk about their Project Life books, but hadn’t actually seen one! They are so cute and well designed!

  37. Hi, i really love how you use midnight kit as baby and family album. I am a project life beginner and i already have wishlist to buy midnight kit or fifth n frolic kit. They are the cutest❤

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