Free Music Staff for Your Little Mozart

Free Printable Blank Music Staff Paper for your little composer at

Last summer I created blank music staff paper at the request of my daughter. I took the above photo of her with her very first composition and shared it on Instagram. Although it was always my intention to share the free printable sheet music paper with you, somehow I never got around to doing it. So I dug out the file since I’m filling in for Aimée on Worksheet Wednesday today. (She’s jetting off to ALT San Francisco, and I’m staying home with baby Rockwell who is cooing up a storm lately!)

Kids really do love to create things, and if your child is taking piano lessons or otherwise musically inclined they are bound to be thrilled when you hand them a stack of blank music staff paper. Here is a video of Attalie playing her latest song, which she calls “Speed.”

I still fondly remember the first song I composed, it is called “I Can Do,” and the tune is so annoying my mother probably wanted to wear ear plugs as I played it over and over again. I was so proud of it though — I entered my composition in my elementary school’s cultural arts fair and won first prize! (I probably won by default because I don’t think anyone else in the school entered a piece of sheet music. Yet I was still thrilled just the same!)

Download our free printable Manuscript Paper, and let your little composer get going. Might I also recommend that you scan and save your child’s sheet music creations — it would be so fun for them to have later!

Download Free Printable Music Staff

Printable Music Staff at

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