Rear-View Mirror

Sedona Hills

Last weekend our family took a mini-vacation to beautiful Sedona, Arizona. As we were driving up Oak Creek Canyon in search of some fall leaves the iPod’s shuffle popped on a Hannah Montana song — one of Attalie’s favorite. We had the windows down, and I was enjoying the fresh air and breathtaking scenery, when I happened to glance in my rear-view mirror to see Attalie bopping and singing along as she gazed out at the gorgeous view with a big grin on her face. She looked like the definition of “bliss.”

Rear-View Mirror

It was strange at how this image of her captured in the confines of the mirror struck me. She reminded me almost of a teenager, but much more innocent, carefree and joyful. At the same time I felt thrilled at her obvious enjoyment of our family outing, I realized how quickly these innocent years will slip by — there was my tiny baby, turning into a real girl right before my eyes. TIME PLEASE SLOW DOWN!

It was one of those rare, special parenthood moments when a flood of mixed emotions hit you. I felt so much joy, that everything was right in the world because me and my family are happy and healthy, but at the same time I felt dread and fear at what the future would hold. Thinking: Oh why can’t I make us stay on this blissful car ride forever.

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  1. Savor the moment for the curly haired child, will soon be a long-legged teen and then in a blink of the eye is gone out into the world — sunrise, sunset.


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