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Although I have been accused of over scheduling my boys (which is a topic for another day), I hope my boys will continue to take some kind of music class until they can play every song in our church’s hymn book. Since I have that goal, last year I enrolled Liam in the Let’s Play Music program. Now, as a second-year student, Liam has started to learn to play the piano. He loves it. (Of course, I can’t get him to practice what he’s supposed to practice—but he’s practicing something, nonetheless.)

In a not-so-Supermom Moment (or months, but who’s counting?), I put off buying a piano ALL summer. I mean, I just don’t know where to start! So, after Liam’s first piano class, I frantically ran out to buy a quick-fix: a keyboard. (Gasp! Don’t hate me.) So yes, here we are a few weeks into Liam’s piano classes, and Liam is still practicing on a keyboard.

Anyway, so as I was tinkering around on Pinterest (the best place to waste my time be inspired), I came across a few fun pianos. Now I’m thinking we should buy a pre-owned piano and PAINT it! (As if I didn’t already have enough to do!) It sounds like quite the chore, but a big bold statement of color sounds so fun, doesn’t it?

. . . Scratch that! My husband just read this over my shoulder and thinks I can find “an easier bold statement” for our front room. Guess I’ll be pinterest-ing that on my phone at Liam’s next music class!


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11 thoughts on “Piano Shopping”

  1. How fun! I am a Let’s Play Music teacher! Isn’t it a great program? The keyboard is actually fine for what they will do in class, as long as the keys are full-sized. But that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about painting my well-used piano a fun color, too! :-) Isn’t Pinterest the best?

    • With your stamp of approval, I feel totally justified with the key board purchase. Thanks!! But yes, a colorful piano may be calling my name sometime soon anyway–if I can get off Pinterest long enough to research buying one!! LOL!!

  2. I SOOOOOOOOOO want to paint my piano a fun color!!! I just want you to do it first and then come help me do it ;) Or, better yet, let’s put our pianos side by side and do it together! Your hubby will LOVE it once it’s done :)

  3. LOL!! Make this vote #3 to paint a piano… This definitely sounds like a project to do together–way more fun. Minor detail:I need the piano!! You’ll be the first to know when I find one!

  4. Love it! Funny, I am selling my grandparents old 1919 player piano on Craigslist. We are out of room and I’m not so sure my girls will want lessons. I was burned out on them and haven’t touched it so long I can’t remember how to play. Never occured to me that it could be painted and jazzed up. Wonderful idea! I think the paint job will keep you busy for sure. You really are super mom!

  5. Tell Clint that it serves two purposes- a creative outlet for you (the painting part) and a creative outlet for the boys (learning to play). However, they can go a long way on just using a keyboard, but don’t tell him that part.

    • Haha! Yes! Clint is very supportive about the piano–it’s the painting part he’s not sold on!! We’ll see what piano we end up with–I’ve finally started looking. In the meantime, the keyboard it is!

  6. I have a painted piano at my house and I love it, I’ve even thought of repainting it to a bright color but my husband is similiar to Clint in that way, I think.. :)


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