Bettijo’s Urban Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal!

I have been on pins and needles waiting for the day I could show off my new kitchen! We’ve been working on this renovation since July, and doing nearly all the work ourselves. It’s been quite the undertaking, and if you want to see how far we’ve come be sure to check out my kitchen inspiration post or #SeventiesKitchenRehab on Instagram.

Here I’m sharing the highlights of the kitchen remodel, and if you want to take the Grand Tour of the new kitchen, dining room and laundry room, complete with all the dirty details, be sure to check out my post today over on Classy Clutter.

I love Bettijo's new Kitchen!

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Let’s start with my cabinets. I fell in love with Kraftmaid’s Hayward, shaker-style door in Dove White. I was so excited that Kraftmaid agreed to partner with us on this project, and I ordered mine through Home Depot, but they work with other retailers too.

I love Bettijo's new KraftMaid Kitchen

Of course we all want those dreamy, gigantic kitchens in the catalogs, but back in reality, we’ve got to work with what we’ve got! The actual square footage of my kitchen is on the small side, and I really couldn’t change anything to add more actual space. So my main goal with my new cabinet layout was to maximize the space I do have and make things feel more open and airy. I removed all the upper cabinets on the sink side to really open things up, but I didn’t want to sacrifice too much storage space. I made up for the lost cabinets, by adding a second row of uppers in the vaulted area. Not only did it increase storage, but this change also actually helped make the kitchen feel more grand.

@PagingSupermom Bettijo's new KraftMaid Kitchen is so fun!

I have always wanted a white kitchen, but I have been nervous about the upkeep. I’ve seen white painted cabinets that had a slightly sticky feel to them, which is difficult to clean. I have found that Kraftmaid’s painted finish is incredibly hard and durable. We’ve been living with the cabinets for a couple months now, and they’ve survived marker, lots of gooey fingerprints, and even a bit of spray paint. I have a stockpile of magic erasers, but I’ve hardly used them. I’ve been wiping everything down periodically with just water and a Norwex Microfiber EnviroCloth — these cloths are amazing. They trap the grime and get off really tough spots. I’m so hooked — you seriously need to try them. Oh and here is where you can find that adorable blue-stripe dish towel.


KraftMaid offers lots of thoughtful options that help me create effortless organization. There are drawer dividers for my flatware, cutlery and other utensils, but I also had adjustable dividers installed in a couple of my larger base drawers, and they are so handy. They keep plastic containers, lids, sippy cups and the like all neatly organized. In fact, I wish I’d opted to put in more dividers. I also got a vertical divider in the base cabinet beside the stove for storing baking sheets and cutting boards. My favorite cabinet option is the pull-out wastebasket drawer. I chose the larger style, which has space for two, full-size cans. I use one for trash and the other for recycling.

Love this pull-out wastebasket from @KraftMaid in  Bettijo's new ktichen

Open shelving was a smart way to add additional storage, keeping my most-used dishes handy, while preserving the airiness of the space. You can imagine how happy I was to learn Kraftmaid makes open shelving that coordinates with their cabinetry.

Love this Open Shelving in Bettijo's Kitchen

The other great thing about the open shelves is that I could carry the tile backsplash across the whole wall and all the way to the ceiling. This added texture and dimension that made the room more interesting and polished. I love my tile pattern called Coastal Skies from Jeffrey Court Tile. It’s part of Jeffrey Court’s exclusive Home Depot collection. The tile comes on netted sheets, and it’s not as hard to install as you might be thinking.

Love this cheerful kitchen

I was pretty excited about having a farmhouse sink, but since we were planning to install it ourselves I was also kind of nervous. So I got a little obsessive with my research into apron-front sinks. It was pretty frustrating because there was so much conflicting information online, and I got pretty confused. I finally determined that the Kohler Whitehaven sink was the best choice, but you should really read this post so you’ll know why, especially if you plan to get one of your own.


I wanted a classic bridge faucet because I feel like that is what belongs with a farmhouse sink. However, I just couldn’t give up the convenience of a one-handled kitchen faucet. The perfect solution: Kohler’s Artifacts faucet has the right feel and just one handle.

Continuing the KraftMaid cabinets and tile backsplash into the adjoining laundry room not only brightened up my laundry area but when I leave the separating door open, it helps make my kitchen feel bigger too. No lie — since the remodel I’ve found myself more willing to do the laundry!

Such a bright and cheerful laundry room!

As a mom to four superkids, I find my littles hovering around me even when I’m trying to prepare dinner. The window seat, which replaced our too-small dining nook, provides a space for them to hang out nearby. I now encourage my kids to sit there and talk to me (and therefore be out of my way) while I prepare meals. The tractor stools provides a great place for snacks, taste testing and are a fun nod to my husband’s childhood on a farm in Wyoming. Those stools were a DIY project he put together using salvaged tractor seats and some old stool bases he found.

I want a Window Seat!

Love this window seat and those yellow tractor stools!

One of my favorite details in our kitchen is our IKEA hack clock. I knew I wanted a cheery yellow clock, but I couldn’t find one that was the right size, style and price. DIY to the rescue! I’m working on a tutorial for this project that will include the free printable clock face I designed.

This clock is an #IkeaHack and I NEED to make one!

Our old kitchen table was not big enough for our family of six, but the space where it sat was too small to accommodate anything larger. We converted our living room into a dining room and built a new, custom table on top of an old rack from a tire store that we picked up at a junk dealer. The new table is almost 10-feet long and can comfortably seat 12. Admittedly that is a little overkill for our family, but its nice to have the room when friends come for dinner. Plus it gives the kids lots of room to spread out when they are doing their school work. This oversized braided jute rug anchors our new dining space. I found that braided jute rug and the blue ikat runner for the kitchen at Rugs USA, and they were kind enough to send them over.

Bettijo's new Dining Room Table

The dining space was feeling heavy in contrast to the new, bright and airy kitchen. So I had to revise my plans for a wooden bench and wood dining chairs. I started shopping around for white chairs to lighten up the space. I shared a round-up of my favorite bargain-priced modern dining chairs, and eventually decided on these mid-century inspired Evie Chairs, and we’re so grateful World Market sent them over.

Bettijo's new Dining Room Table

So that’s just a taste, but there are so many more details to share… be sure to check out the Grand Tour over on Classy Clutter. For info on all my sources check out my inspiration board and the links list below.

Love the bright pops of colors in this clean and modern kitchen inspiration via @PagingSupermom

SOURCES: (1) Kohler Whitehaven Sink & Artifacts faucet (2) yellow barn lights similar to mine (3) KraftMaid Shaker-Style, White Cabinets (4) Amerock Allison knobs & Liberty Straight Line pulls (5) milk glass soap pump (6) aqua circle pillow & bright H pillow (7) tractor stools (8) Lagoon quartz countertops that look like marble but are less maintenance! (9) Coastal Skies backsplash tile (10) cotton stripe dish towels Not pictured in the inspiration board: (A) blue ikat rug runner (B) braided jute rug (C) Evie mid-century dining chairs

PHOTO CREDITS: Photography and styling by Classy Clutter and Paging Supermom, all rights reserved. We love sharing, but please repost only ONE image from this post and be sure to include a visible credit a link back to this page. If you’re interested in featuring more, please contact

DISCLOSURE: Several of the brands were kind enough to provide products or discounts for our kitchen project, but we freely chose only our favorite products and no company had any influence over our opinions.

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      • I am trying to decide on a farm sink as well. So I read your blog on how you picked a farm sink. It seems that when I go to speak to a dealer they do not give me a straight forward answer. So your research information on farm sink choices based on materials they are made of has been quite helpful. I definitely want a white farmhouse sink, But, I like the Kohler Whitehaven enameled cast iron sink the has a design on the apron. The apron has horizontal lines on it. I believe it’s in the Whitehaven series as well. I’m just wondering if you think the horizontal design may be difficult to keep clean as opposed to a smooth front finish on the apron? Was this even one of your possible choices? Or were you just interested in an authentic look?
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  1. I love the kitchen makeover. It is beautiful, simple, and inviting. Love it. Thanks for posting these ideas of a fresh look to an old style. Grandpa and Grandma would be proud.

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