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We receive a lot of emails with questions about how to best utilize the printables we offer here at We have prepared a few tips and responses to the most frequently asked questions to help you get the most out of online printables.


Did you know that not all printers are created equal? Well of course you did! That’s why there is such a WIDE range of pricing for printers. Most home printers ink and print quality simply cannot match the vibrancy that can be achieved when printing on the high-end color laser printers used by most local print shops or copy centers. Sometimes quality doesn’t really matter — home printers are super-convenient and great for worksheets and other printables for quick kids craft projects. However, when you really want a quality print (say for a party or decor for your home) then we recommend taking the printable files to be printed at your favorite copy center.

Paper Matters

Be sure to pay attention to the instructions provided with our printables where we typically suggest a type of paper to print on. The most common paper types we use: Cardstock is a heavier-weight paper that offers more stiffness and durability — for cardstock we prefer bright white 110-pound labeled as “cover” or “index” paper. Full-sheet Labels come in handy for making custom-sized stickers and labels. Regular Paper refers to the thinner, “text weight” paper we’re all familiar with; although, even text-weight paper can be purchased with a premium finish that will improve the results of your print. Using the same logic as deciding whether to print at home or at a print shop, if a project is important and you must print at home, having good quality paper available can improve the results of your print. All of these paper types should be available at your local office supply or paper stores.

Printing Tips: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m having trouble opening the printables on my computer, do I need special software?

Yes, our printables are usually saved as PDF files which require the free Adobe Reader software installed on your computer. Download Adobe Reader.

Q: Can I edit the printable file?

In order to allow all fonts and artwork to display correctly on your computer our PDF files, most of my printable files are no longer editable.

Q: Can I share your printables?

Of course! I love sharing — that’s why I shared the printables with you in the first place! All the printables offered here on are available for free non-commercial use. This means you can print them as many times as you need for your own family, friends, school, church, etc. With regard to premium printable templates purchased through the Supermom Co-op shop, these files should not be shared. It is fine to print and use or even to gift the actual prints, but you should not email the file to someone else since the original digital file is just for your own, personal use. All of the Paging Supermom files are provided with a non-commercial license which means it is unacceptable to sell any of our printables or products made from the printables. Further we do not permit the reposting of our printables files at all. If you would like to share a free printable file, please share the link to the page where it can be downloaded here on our blog. By sharing the link, you are helping to direct traffic to our blog, which allows me to keep my printables free! If you are aware of any website that is in violation of this policy we appreciate you emailing us at

Q: My file is printing out with funny colors, do you know what is wrong?

Unfortunately with so many different home printers it is difficult for us to help you troubleshoot printing issues. We do have a few suggestions: first check to make sure your printer ink levels are good. When ink levels are normal, but color is still printing incorrectly, some of our readers have told us that they’ve had success correcting the issues by turning off any auto-correct color options in their printers preferences panel. Finally try searching the web with the model name of your printer and describe the printing issue, to see if others who have your printer have shared a solution.

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