Pumpkin Pie Shortcut


So I bet I know what Aimee’s thinking, “If ever there was a time of year to bake a pie, Thanksgiving is it!” And she’s right. BUT, after all the wonderful homemade goodness that fills our bellies at Thanksgiving dinner, I doubt if anyone would balk at a less-than-homemade pie for dessert.

Of course if you’ve got Martha on your guest list then you better play it straight. If not, then there are lots of options: restaurants, bakeries, even your local grocer probably has a few tasty options (perhaps a preview ahead of time might be in order?). For serving a crowd, one of Costco’s incredibly delicious and GIANT pies does the job quite nicely.

Consider this the Supermom stamp of approval to skip the “homemade” in pie this year and use the time saved to do something fun with the kids.

It’s not that I’ve never made pumpkin pie; I have and will again, but still if anyone asks me for my favorite pie recipe, I’d probably give them driving directions to the nearest Costco.

Bettijo Bridges

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Bettijo is the founder and designer of Paging Supermom where she shares creative ideas for family fun. Known for practical and kid-friendly activities, free printables and holiday entertainment. Bettijo was a guest on the Martha Stewart Show and has frequently appeared on local TV. Her work has also been featured in national magazines including Real Simple, O, Redbook, Parents, Family Circle, and Health. She enjoys art, retro-modern design, photography and making new things. Mom of 4 kids.


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7 thoughts on “Pumpkin Pie Shortcut”

  1. Buy the pie. Spend the time saved with famiy and friends. What a way to spend Thanksgiving – actually enjoying the day outside the kitchen! Happy Thanksgiving early.

  2. When all the leaves are off the boughs,
    And nuts and apples gathered in,
    And cornstalks waiting for the cows,
    And pumpkins safe in barn and bin,
    Then Mother says, “My children dear,
    The fields are brown, and autumn flies;
    Thanksgiving Day is very near,
    And we must make thanksgiving pies!”
    — author unknown

    2010 updated version of the last line:

    “We are off to Costco to get the yummiest pies!”

  3. You have no idea the timing of this post! Just this morning I got an email from the farmer we support, and they’re having “buy one get one free” pumpkin pies, which is something I said I would take to Thanksgiving… I feel that you have just given me permission to support this lovely family and buy myself just a bit more time. Bless you!

  4. I happen to think that Costco’s pumpkin pies are better than any that I have ever managed to re-create! In fact, my job this year is to bring ‘the Costco Pumpkin Pie’ to Thanksgiving dinner… Glad to hear that others will be ‘thankful’ for Costco as well! ;)


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