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Bettijo is a mom of three girls and one boy!
Bettijo is a mom of three girls and one boy!

About Bettijo

I am a homeschooling mom of three girls and one boy (obviously he’s my favorite LOL! j/k). I love pens, paper, art, ampersands, metal bangles, retro-modern design, photography and making new things. I live with my family in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

In addition to being a mother, I have more than a decade of experience in the writing, editing and design world. I used to run a bath and spa products brand, Bath By Bettijo, that I founded 15 years ago in my pre-mom days. Bath By Bettijo products have been featured in national magazines including Real Simple, O, Parents, Family Circle, Martha Stewart Living, and Health.

Bettijo founder of @PagingSupermom

About the blog

Every mom can have a #SupermomMoment — those little motherhood successes that make you feel absolutely super. In her pre-child days, Bettijo had this ideal of the Supermom she planned to be. Now as a real-life mom of four, most of her days seem to get overtaken by kryptonite. This blog is where Bettijo relishes her successes and shares ideas for helping moms everywhere create more Supermom Moments.

Paging Supermom was originally created 8 years ago by the “Sometimes Supermoms” Bettijo and Aimée. The website formed as the dynamic duo commiserated on motherhood, homemaking, parenting, party planning, teaching and sometimes simply surviving. They soon discovered that although they couldn’t claim to be super all the time, they each had moments, and they wanted to inspire others to find their inner superhero a little more often. Aimée has gone back to full-time Supermom-ing, and Bettijo now runs Paging Supermom solo and continues to share each #SupermomMoment.

Be sure to read about our exciting Martha Stewart Show adventure — truly a “pinch me” moment!

Work With Bettijo

It’s hard to put Bettijo’s work into any one box — she majored in Journalism & Communications in college, but she’s also a fantastic party planner, talented graphic designer, serial entrepreneur, and excellent teacher. If you need creative and strategic thinking to help reach your goals, you and Bettijo should chat!

Event Planning

Bettijo loves to throw parties, and she partners with companies to plan and host corporate events. Her home base is Phoenix, Arizona, but Bettijo is willing to travel for events. For more event planning information, email [email protected] with the specifics about your event.

In-Person or TV Appearances

It is Bettijo’s mission to inspire and encourage moms everywhere. She has enjoyed being in front of the camera since she was 10 years old as a “Cub Reporter” for Bear Essential News For Kids & Fox Kids Club in Phoenix. More recently Bettijo was a guest on the Martha Stewart Show. Head to Bettijo’s Press page to view her other spots. She is available for TV appearances and in-person speaking engagements nationwide. If you’re interested in having her as a guest, please drop us a line at [email protected].


Bettijo loves to incorporate fun and genuine advertising into her blog. Some of our partners have included Chinet, Avery, The Land of Nod, and Munchkin. We would be happy to dream up something unique for your brand. If you’d like to work together please email [email protected].