The Branded Career Day

preschool career day logo on party hat

Despite not having a current career, I was asked to participate in Liam’s preschool Career Day. I tried really hard to politely talk my way out of it—after all, I happily sacrificed my career in advertising and marketing to stay home to raise my precious little boys—but when I stepped back and thought about the opportunity to be part of Liam’s school for the day, I just had to say yes.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love advertising and marketing. And I especially love anything to do with branding and graphic design. (It just doesn’t seem to get much attention from me these days…) So, my simple lesson plan began with a brief discussion about graphic designers and how they use shapes to make pictures and logos.

We talked about how logos are used to help establish brand recognition.

preschool career day

The students were able to recognize several logos and see how they are used on packaging, specifically cereal.

preschhol career day cheerios

Then we put our newly found logo skills to the test and made a logo for a 5th Birthday party. (After all, every preschooler seems to be obsessed with Birthday parties, right?) Each student had his own paper to draw our logo: a circle, small square and a curvy line to make a balloon, then a number 5.

preschool career day draw logo

Next, we used our preschool skills to assemble our cupcake toppers and shape our branded stickers.

preschool career day cupcake topper

preschool career day logo sticker

We used our logo stickers to help establish our 5th Birthday brand on all our party essentials: hat, balloon and cupcake.

preschool career day logo on balloon

preschool career day logo cupcake topper on cupcake

After singing Happy Birthday to ourselves, we devoured our cupcakes. Delicious. After all, in marketing we know name brand is always better than generic!


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  1. One thing that has amazed me with kids is how they can recognize logos even before they learn to read. Like one day a few years ago we were out driving, and Atty who was then about 3 years old pointed out the FedEx truck by name to me. It caught me by surprise because I thought she was reading, but really she just recognized the colors and shapes from FedEx regularly visiting our house.

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