Ever wondered how a website like this makes money? Well let us tell you!

There are actually several revenue streams, but the main way blogs generate income is by being a part of advertising networks. These networks pay a small amount to serve up the graphic banner ads you see in the sidebars of blogs. Sometimes bloggers are paid only when a reader clicks on the ad and other times there is a payment just for having the ad displayed.

Like many bloggers we are also members of several affiliate programs such as Amazon Affiliates, which means we are paid a commission on sales made by readers who click through from our website.

Finally there is the occasional sponsored post. You’ll know a post is sponsored because we’ll tell you, and what this means is that a company either paid us or provided some other form of compensation to write about them. We also get sent sample items for free, but are fairly selective about which items we decide to feature. When we say something like “X was sent to me” it generally means that a company sent us a free sample to try out and we liked it enough to write about it (we don’t write about everything). Regardless of the compensation we receive, it wouldn’t be very super to be leading people astray — please be assured that we never feature products in the editorial content on this blog that we wouldn’t purchase ourselves!

If you have any other questions about how we monetize our blog or would like to advertise on our website please email info@pagingsupermom.com.

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