Liam’s Christmas Story

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In preparation for our annual visit to Santa, I asked Liam what he will be asking Santa for this year…

Me: What are you going to ask Santa for?
Liam: A real gun.
Me: Uh oh. Santa knows our house rule of no shooting toy guns; there’s no way Santa would bring you a toy you would get in trouble for playing with.
Liam (vey casually): Oh. I’ll ask him for a robot then.
Me: That sounds so fun!
Liam: Yea. I’m going to program the robot to make me a gun.

With scenes of A Christmas Story and the Red Ryder BB gun flashing through my mind, I was speechless. Really? My four year old not only wants a gun, he’s apparently thought of all his options to obtain (or manufacture) one. Should I be worried?

So a few days ago I was telling my friend Kristine about my dilemma. That evening she brought me a catalog with this robot. I think I can live with a mini robot that Liam “programs” to shoot soft foam disks… Thank you, Kristine, you just saved Christmas at Liam’s house!


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4 thoughts on “Liam’s Christmas Story”

  1. I had to laugh when I saw this! I think the robot will go over well with Liam. Over Thanksgiving we visited a family that has boy toys — my girls and their Superdad were loving playing with the foam dart guns. I am thinking Santa might stuff our stockings this year with those.

  2. Wow! You really have to be on your toes with that boy. Think the robot idea is great and will really surpise him. Keep up your mental exercise, cuz your gonna need it.


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