Accepting Imperfections

A couple weeks ago I was asked to share some thoughts on cultivating a good life over at Becky Higgin’s blog. If you are not familiar with Becky then you need to learn all about Project Life — her super-simple scrapbooking solution that is guaranteed to make you feel like a Supermom.

In my post on Becky’s blog, I talked about accepting imperfections. It’s probably not hard to believe that both Aimée and I are perfectionists. In fact, we are so good at pushing each other’s ideas to be better that we can often get so lost in the details, which can mean a lot of time wasted.

Since motherhood is a messy business and perfect is generally nowhere in sight, I think that’s the main reason we love blogging so much. We both crave the thrill of taming chaos (like the mess you see above during a recent photoshoot) into a perfect shot:

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I like to think of us now as recovering perfectionists, but of course it is still (and will likely always be) a struggle to keep a good perspective. Go here to read more about how we’re learning to create a perfectly, imperfect life.

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