Mom Style: How to Wear a Floral Skirt

I recently found a treasure trove of cute skirts and most of them are right around $20! What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t share, right? So today I’ve partnered up with Cents of Style for a Fashion Friday feature showing how to wear a floral skirt, especially for moms! This look is perfect as we’re transitioning to spring, and more importantly, it’s effortless to pull off with pieces you likely already have in your closet. Grab your favorite floral skirt THIS WEEKEND ONLY for $19.95 plus free shipping with code: FLORAL STORY (shop here).

Bettijo with her new haircut & Fab Floral Skirt

First though can we spend two seconds looking at my new haircut? I just chopped off A LOT of hair you guys, and it sort of freaked me out. Go here if you need a reminder of how my hair looked before. I was wanting something a little wilder and with more shape. I’m still getting used to it because it is a big change. Do you like it??

How to Wear a Floral Skirt via @PagingSupermom

Back to skirts, as a Mom I’ve learned that skirts can actually be very practical. For some reason, in a skirt I can feel pulled together, even if I haven’t managed to squeeze in a shower and my hair is in a top knot (which it won’t be now because I cut it all off EEK!). Try that same non-showered look with just a t-shirt and jeans/leggings, and it’s easy to feel, um, like you need a shower. Yet preschool pickup waits for no mom, so it’s nice to pop on a knit skirt (which is arguably more comfy than both jeans and leggings) with my favorite tee and not look as grungy as I feel. LOL!

As a mom I’ve learned that skirts are very practical. For some reason, in a skirt I can feel pulled together, even if I haven’t managed to squeeze in a shower and my hair is in a top knot.

A few years ago (actually if I’m being honest it was now more than a decade ago, but saying that makes me feel old so…) a few years ago I decided that pencil skirts were the only kind of skirt I would EVER wear again. I have a large frame, and I think the tapered silhouette of a pencil skirt is far more flattering to my shape.

When I’m stressed — which is almost always — getting dressed can actually bring me to tears. It’s nice to know this quirk of mine so I can try to plan accordingly. I realized that the last thing I needed in my closet was a bunch of fluffy skirts that looked adorable on the hanger but awful once I put them on. I still remember that huge load of pretty skirts that all got donated.

Thus began my lifelong hunt for cute pencil skirts. I quickly decided that stretchy knit pencil skirts were my favorite, and solid black and gray options abound, but finding colors and prints has been more elusive. Hence my excitement when I saw Cents of Style’s selection of fabulous floral print skirts.

Wear a Floral Skirt as a neutral piece via @PagingSupermom

I love to wear a floral skirt with my favorite tee via @PagingSupermom

Figuring out how to wear a floral skirt might seem intimidating, which is why I love the Michelle Neutral floral skirt, with a black and white floral print — it goes with pretty much anything. For now I decided to pop it on with my favorite black tee and a denim jacket, but as the weather warms up, it would be fabulous with colorful tops too.

I also love to wear a floral skirt with stripes — mixing patterns is fun, but that too is intimidating. The trick is to make sure to contrast the size of your patterns. For example, if you have a big, floral print, pair it with a fabric that has a smaller, stripe print, and the results can be fabulous.

I recently had to retire my favorite stripe tee, so I’m on the hunt for a new one (if you’ve seen any black and white stripe tees, send them my way!) How cute would this fuchsia floral watercolor skirt be with a black and white stripe top?

How to wear a floral skirt for winter to spring

How To Wear Floral Skirt 6

Okay enough talk, time to go skirt shopping! Don’t forget THIS WEEKEND ONLY you can get your fave floral skirt for $19.95 plus free shipping! (enter code: FLORALSTORY)

How to wear a floral skirt for winter to spring

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  1. Your hair is A-MA-ZA-ZING! I love the change for you, and I hope you get used to it & love it too! As for the skirt, it’s so cute! You look fabulous. I love the idea of a skirt to help you feel pulled together, since I often am not all together, but like to pretend I am ☺️. So, so fun!

  2. Love Love Love this look. As the pictures were loading and I only saw your head, I thought what a cute easy hair style. As I was reading the rest of the article, came to find out that you cut your hair. It looks fabulous–love the curls. Love how you paired the outfit with a denim jacket. The skirt is amazing too!


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