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With the World Cup going on now in Brazil, we wanted to share this free printable Brazil banner.

Free Printable Brazil Banner via @PagingSupermom -- would be great party decor for a Missionary Farewell or Missionary Homecoming or for a #WorldCup Soccer viewing party

Are we big soccer fans? Well, actually no. I’m pretty sure the only soccer games either of us have been to were for one of our kids.

Are we big Brazil fans? Um, no, not really big Brazil fans either, but I created this banner for my sister’s missionary homecoming earlier this year and figured soccer fans could get some extra mileage out of it. Also since we know there’s some debate about whether it’s “Brazil” or “Brasil” we’ve included both S and Z so you can use whichever you prefer.

If you’re with Team USA, of course we’ve got you covered there too — get our free printable USA banner.

Free Printable USA Banner for the Fourth of July via @PagingSupermom

Now in case you were interested in seeing some of the fun pictures from my sister’s Missionary Homecoming, I’m happy to share those too! (Don’t know about this whole Mission thing? Find out more.)

Missionary Homecoming Ideas via @PagingSupermom

The whole family was pretty excited to welcome Jenny back from Brazil, and we got together the night before to make a bunch of welcome home signs to hold up at the airport. It was a crazy, messy business using poster markers, glitter and glue with a bunch of kiddos, but it was great. We also made a fun sign for the house — more on that in a minute.

Celebrating a Mormon Missionary Coming Home

After all that anticipation we finally saw Jenny’s head bobbing behind some of the other passengers — EEK!!! Then finally she came into full view, and my girls dropped their signs and took off running.

Everyone so excited to welcome home our mormon missionary

It was so touching to see how excited the kids were for their aunt’s return. I’m actually pretty sure though that Modette didn’t quite remember Aunt Jenny. Although Jenny’s twin Aunt Chrisie has been around a lot, so probably more than anything, Modette was wondering what Chrisie had done to her hair or confused as to why there were now two of this person.

Mormon Missionary Homecoming

Mormon Missionary to Brazil - How to Celebrate a Missionary Coming Home

Missionaries go by Sister or Elder (for boys) while on their missions and always where those black badges. Jenny was away for 18 months and so she’d missed Rockwell’s birth. Here she finally got to meet him!

Fun Ideas for a Missionary Homecoming via @PagingSupermom

So Excited for our Misisonary to Come Home

I loved Jenny’s wrist-full of bracelets, most she picked up in Brazil, but you can probably spot the Rainbow Loom one that my girls mailed to her.

Happy Missionary Homecoming Ideas

We greeted Jenny at home with this “Welcome Home” banner strung across the house. It was for the front of the house we made it oversized — each pennant is printed on 11×17 cardstock.

XL Free Printable Welcome Home Banner via @PagingSupermom

Since I’m feeling so helpful today, I’m also sharing the free printable file of this Welcome Home banner. It can be used for more than missionary homecomings. Welcome home members of the military, someone from the hospital or your kiddo from summer camp?

:: Download Free Printable Brazil Banner
:: Download Free Printable USA Banner
:: Download Free Printable Welcome Home Oversized Banner

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