So God Made a Farmer

I’m not a big sports fan so typically if I watch the Super Bowl it is just for the commercials (because I’m weird like that and I DO like commercials). To me the winner of best Super Bowl commercial was clear as soon as it began — stunning images of American farmers flashed across the screen overlaid by a simple and moving narration by Paul Harvey. It’s an ad for Dodge Ram trucks, and it really is worth watching. I actually think Moms and Dads are a lot like farmers.

Bettijo Bridges

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6 thoughts on “So God Made a Farmer”

  1. I 100% agree. I watched this commercial and was just breathless by the end of it. I grew up with men like this – men who looked like that and worked like that. I grew up with the women who helped them and supported them and loved them. I grew up with the other children who saw these legacies in their parents. This ad hit so many places – I thought it was really powerful.

  2. Could not agree more!! Not even watching… Just heard Paul Harvey (grew up in rural south where we heard him twice a day) and had to look up. Commercial completely captured my attention and caused me to wonder, “What is this?” until the moment I saw the truck! That is what marketing should be!

  3. This ad made me cry. I grew up in a small farming community; even though my father wasn’t a farmer, we were surrounded by them. They are salt of the earth, filled with common sense and steadfast – as a group of people, I’d trust them with my life.

  4. it was hands down, my favorite commercial of this years super bowl and one of my all time favorites EVER! I really identify with it for so many reasons. Paul Harvey’s voice was like a time warp for me. I got chills by the end of the first sentence. Amazing!


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