Behind the Scenes at Sonoran Living Live

All On Set

If you follow us on Facebook, you probably saw a few behind-the-scenes shots we posted from our craft demonstration on Sonoran Living Live on ABC 15 here in Arizona. The opportunity to share our Supermom Moments online with you is definitely fun, so when we were invited to share our Real Crafts featured in Raising Arizona Kids magazine on a local television show, we were ecstatic!

To express how simple these crafts are, we decided to bring along Harrison to work on the craft. I must admit, just before the show went live, I was definitely questioning our choice to bring a brand new three year old onto the show… Harrison is quite unpredictable! Luckily for everyone, the camera people caught his good moments!

Anyway, here’s a little tour of our morning (please excuse the grainy phone photos):

Green Room

This was our Green Room. You’ll notice the cart has our extra supplies. Can you believe our cart was full on our way in to the studios? Perhaps we overpacked? You’d think… but no. We used most everything to make our table as spooky as possible.

Here I am in the green room giving Harrison last-minute instructions. (Really I was talking up that he would get to use glue and reminding him not to talk while Bettijo was!)

A And H In Green Room

Before we were called into the studio, Chrisie touched up Bettijo’s hair. (Chrisie is a local hair stylist and we love her!)

Chrissie And Bj Prepping

Here I am setting up Harrison on his tall stool. Harrison (and Bettijo for that matter) didn’t seem to be phased by the four cameras that were on us during the segment.

A And H On Set

If you missed it, check out our segment here. What do you think? Would you bring your three-year-old onto a live television program?


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4 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes at Sonoran Living Live”

  1. I would bring Harrison to a live TV shoot. He is so adorable he could be forgiven almost anything! Kudos to Bettijo, Aimee, and Harrison!

  2. That was so much fun to watch Harrison working so hard on the project. Children really do love to “work” on projects and to learn new things.


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