I’ve chosen to send Liam to a school that requires a certain dress code. Apparently I didn’t read the code very carefully because after I purchased the most awesome socks (thinking that could be an exciting accessory), I realized he’s permitted to wear only solid color socks. Needless to say, my heart sank! So, I made a list of all possible fun accessories. Seeing as he is a boy so hair clips and jewelry are out, my list was rather short and my options quite limited. Thank goodness I discovered MySelf Belts.

Belt Collage

How cool are these? What a fun way to add a splash of color to a boring uniform an outfit. (If I had a girl, she’d be sporting this one!) The best feature is that any kindergartner (or preschooler, for that matter) can do it for himself.

After securing the belt to your child’s pants with a simple snap, MySelf Belts fasten with Velcro so even the youngest potty trained toddler can fasten and (more importantly) unfasten the belt throughout the day.

(Harrison, my youngest, is in the home stretch with potty training, and as I’ve been putting him in Big Boy Underwear, I’ve noticed he will need a belt to hold his pants up: MySelf Belts to the rescue.)

Good news, dear readers: MySelf Belts is offering you 10% off your order with the discount code: SUPER from now until the end of the month. I’m looking forward to placing another order—and although this belt isn’t school uniform approved, I think it will find its way into my shopping cart—I’m just loving the stars.


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    • Hi Mermaid315. You’re right, this could be a fun project, but I don’t think the grosgrain ribbon would be quite as durable as the canvas or leather Myself Belts.

  1. this blog post is a lifesaver for parents in the potty training trenches. My fingers are permanently crossed for Harrison, and MySelf Belts seems like the secret weapon I need to make this transition smooth sailing. Wish us luck, and thanks again for sharing this awesome tip! geometry dash world is a great game for relaxation and entertainment. It can help you relieve stress and enjoy a little thrill.


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