Always Time for Timers

Vintage Timers
Our kitchen timer saves me. I like to set it so I know when to leave to take my boys to swimming lessons, when it’s time to start dinner or to let me know I’ve had enough computer time during the day. Usually I feel like my mind is going a thousand directions at once, so the timer helps me make sure important things don’t get forgotten. Take, for example, lunch. I was feeling a little lazy today, so I resorted once again to Trader Joe’s Mac & Cheese, grapes and carrot sticks. After I filled the pot with water and set it on the stove, I was feeling in control, so I skipped setting the timer to remind me when to check on the water…but then I got distracted (admittedly this time it was texting–not a supermom moment). After several minutes, Liam softly repeats, “I’m hungry, Mom.” I sprinted around the counter to the stove to realize the water had been boiling too long and most of it had evaporated: yikes! Note to self: life is never too simple not to use the timer.


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