More Modette

I think Mother’s Day feels extra special with a newborn to snuggle. I thought you all might enjoy a few more pictures of baby Modette?

Daddy & Mimi

On Saturday I was going through our recent family snapshots, trying to find the perfect baby announcement picture, and I came across these photos that I took on Mimi’s first Sunday. I completely forgot about taking them, but there were some real treasures.

Daddy and Modette

Daddy had taken the other two girls to church while I stayed behind with the new baby. He came home a bit early to check on us. I love that he was wearing his fuchsia tie (from our family pictures last year) — he said he wore it in honor of his newest little girl.

Sweet Face

Newborns really are fascinating. I love these shots of Daddy inspecting all her tiny features. She has the sweetest little profile.

Tiny Toes

The tiny toes are so darling, but those miniature toe nails are what really amaze me.


Look at this: we caught a first smile!

First Smile

What is your favorite part about holding a newborn?

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6 thoughts on “More Modette”

  1. I love how little they are that their facial expressions.

    and their tiny toes and little noses..

    I just love everything about holding a newborn!!!

  2. My lil Nicklaus was born on Mother’s Day last year. Such an amazing gift and so yummy to hold on Mother’s Day. Love to kiss the back of their lil necks. Beautiful baby Modette, thank you for sharing!


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