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When I saw the adorable baby Mother’s Day puppets on one of my most favorite blogs, Oh Happy Day, I was quickly reminded of a little project Liam and I threw together back in November.

At Liam’s preschool as part of the weekly letter celebration, each student brings something in for show-and-tell that begins with the specified letter. His classmates usually opt for a fun toy or story. But leave it to my kid to shake things up…

So, when it was (finally) L week, Liam was CONVINCED it was Liam week. After all, L is for Liam, right? Not only did he need to wear an L shirt, he insisted his show and tell needed to transform each classmate into Liam. Yes. I’m totally serious. He had a million ideas to make this happen. Thankfully, I was able to talk him into something realistic and short-term: a paper puppet.

To make the paper puppets we selected the first picture we came across that included his whole face. We opened it up in Photoshop (yet any photo editing program would work), then we used the clipping path tool to cut out his face. I adjusted the size so that I could fit 2-up on each page. Then I printed it on my laser black and white printer (as that was the most cost-effective solution). We cut out his face and hot glued a stick to the back of each one. In all, I think this took about 15 minutes. Harrison thought the puppets were a hoot, and still plays with it a few months later!


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  1. My parents and siblings did this for me when I graduated from BYU at a big party they had in my honor – they sang some funny song and brought out these puppets – life size pictures of my head – on their heads! While they sang! It was hilarious. I don’t remember ever being so surprised and laughing so hard. It really is funny to see! I’m sure his preschool class got a real kick out of this! What a creative guy Liam is!


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