His First Lost Tooth


A few weeks ago Liam came home from school announcing a loose tooth. (Admittedly my eyes started to tear up immediately. How could he have a loose tooth already? He’s barely five.)

Within a few hours of this announcement his tooth was gone. *Poof!* Just like that. No day or two to ease into the idea of my baby boy getting grown-up teeth. Nope. Just gone. Really gone. In fact — he SWALLOWED it. I didn’t even get the chance to look at that little tooth.

Anyway, lucky for me (and Liam) I had purchased these adorable letter pressed tooth fairy certificates and muslin bags, so I was somewhat prepared.

But I wasn’t prepared as well as I ought to have been. Turns out, I helped our tooth fairy be way too generous. I refuse to divulge exactly how generous, as many friends have accused our family fairy of leaving “way too much” and setting the bar “way too high.” (Whoops!)

Since Liam’s other bottom tooth is already loose, I better get up to speed… So, what’s the going rate your tooth fairy leaves behind?

Thanks for the fun picture of Liam, Annie!


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9 thoughts on “His First Lost Tooth”

  1. The tooth fairy always left a bill that was brand new (with enough notice) and a very light touch of glitter spray to add some sparkle to the bill with out ruining it.

  2. $1 Love the idea of the coin and glitter spray. Now if the tooth fairy wasn’t too busy getting to all the kids and could come the first night the tooth was lost :)

    • LOL! Yes–isn’t it amazing how Santa manages to fill every child’s stocking in one night, yet the tooth fairy can’t always make it to a fraction of the homes to collect lost teeth in one night? Liam just lost his second tooth, and the tooth fairy may or may not have taken an extra night to visit! ;)

      • When the tooth fairy had punctual problems at our house from time to time, I explained it was because she had a cold and couldn’t “smell” the tooth to come collect it.

  3. Oh….we over gifted, too. Oh well. In Canada the Royal Canadian Mint has created a special tooth fairy quarter in a lovely keepsake package. So, for his first tooth we gave $ and the keepsake.
    She’s a wee bit scantily dressed but only the grown ups notice that!


    and we use this lovely pillow:


    And I cried for a half hour…..and then some.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. We are a dollar as well. We have a cute little tooth fairy box my daughter helped me make out of a matchbox, so the tooth won’t get lost under her pillow and so the tooth fairy won’t wake her. ;). We will do a $2 bill when she gets to her molars. Little bit bigger tooth so little more green.

    But don’t worry about going over. I have heard of others using the upper bills, whatever you feel is adequate for your household. Just remember how much you gave Liam for his first so when Harrison looses his it will be the same. :)

  5. When our oldest lost her second tooth and placed it under her pillow we forgot to go back in after she was sleeping to stash the money. It wasn’t until the next morning that we realized our mistake. She woke up very distraught that the Tooth Fairy didn’t come. We managed to appease her by telling her that the Tooth Fairy must take Thursday nights off.


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