I Have Evidence!

We’ve weathered a particularly chilly winter this year — by Phoenix standards anyway. I mean it actually snowed for about 5 minutes a few weeks ago. I know many of you are still in the midst of slushy winter weather (Aimee and I had a taste of it on our NYC Adventure), and so I thought I’d share with you today some evidence that Spring is definitely coming!

Spring is Coming

Mr. Bee right there in the center seems just as happy as I was to see the landscape coming back to life.

Pile of Pea Gravel

We had some gravel poured last week to fill in our side yard. I snapped these lovely blossom pictures while the girls were busy playing queen of the hill. Here’s one more where I think you can see the bee a little better:

Busy Bee in Blossoms

I’ve never really understood the whole Groundhog thing, but I remember when we lived out in Washington D.C. my favorite indication of Spring was seeing the daffodils that would spontaneously bloom along the sides of the highway. What is your favorite sign of Spring?

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  1. My favorite sign of spring occurs in late April to mid May when the lilacs burst into bloom, filling our entire area with the scent of fresh lilacs. We live in what as known as “The Lilac City.” I fondly remember our children gathering arm fulls of lilacs and bringing them to me.


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