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This past weekend we took a little trip to surprise my Mother-in-law for her birthday. We had a fabulous time, and I am very happy to report that our weekend included a successful shopping spree at one of my favorite stores Tai Pan Trading.

Also while in Utah, we met up with some of our favorite friends at Smashburger for lunch then headed over to a local bowling alley for some family-friendly competition. (So friendly, in fact, I have no idea what the final scores were!) It was our boys’ first time bowling, and they loved it — they’re already asking to go again. Before we wind up joining the local bowling league, I thought I would see what kind of bowling sets I could find that would satisfy their desire, without having to actually take them to the lanes. Here are my top picks:

Biggest Set
While this would definitely keep my boys’ attention, chances are the giant pins would somehow lead to jumbo light-saber battles and other injury-promoting ruckus. I’m keeping this on the list though… imagine the hours of fun this could provide in the back yard this Spring!

Most Realistic Set
This is the most realistic, home-friendly set I’ve come across. Everything is spot on from the pin color to the swirl pattern on the bowling ball, which is probably what my kids would get the most excited about. Plus, it’s made from foam, so our furniture would be happy about that.

Most Beautiful Set
This beautiful wood set just makes me appreciate life and want to recycle something. Although I’m totally laughing as I write this, I’m actually serious. This handmade, non-toxic set is that inspiring. This is the set I would be most excited about. Nonetheless, the hard wood could mean trouble if I turn my head while the boys are playing.


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  1. All those sets are so cute, and I can totally see why you adore the wood one, but I think the foam one is the one I’d get if I were you. Or here’s another option: line up a bunch of paper or plastic cups and roll a ball you already have at them — instant bowling set that really is recycling :)


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