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With The Holiday Spot, you get a stylishly decorated home, all year through, where you can spend more time enjoying the holidays with your family and less time stressing.


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imagine if decorations just showed up on your mantle each month!

Tell me if this sounds like you… you want a cute and festive home but just don’t have time to decorate. You always mean to, but the holidays come at you faster than you can possibly keep up. 
The problem is not finding cute stuff to buy. No matter how many adorable things you bring home, you don’t have time to fuss with styling it and then AFTER the holiday, you have to find somewhere to put everything.
You end up buying new things each year because it seems easier than hauling out your bins of stored decor. But after the holidays, it is even harder to motivate yourself to pack everything up and put it away. Eventually you ask yourself, is it really even worth all this effort?
Just when you’re ready to give up on holiday decorating forever, you go to so-and-so’s house, and it’s all decked out. You can’t help but feel a tinge of jealousy and wish you could do better for your family. Don’t even get me started about scrolling through Instagram…
Sound familiar? I have the solution!!

What if there was a way to have festive holiday decor, all year long, without the fuss?!

That’s exactly why I created The Holiday Spot! I am a recently divorced, busy mama of four. Amidst the chaos of these last few years, a friend once asked me how I managed to keep my house decorated for all the holidays. She was talking about this little holiday decor system, that I didn’t even realize I had created. 

While I have bins of holiday decor stored away, fitting in holiday decorating, on my seemingly never-ending to-do list, just wasn’t happening. So I created a 5-minute decorating shortcut for myself, and I didn’t even realize I’d created a decorating system others might want to use until my friends started asking me about it.

Now I can show you how to create a festive home fast! You will be amazed that everything you need to decorate all year long, stores away in a shoebox under your bed! (YES, really!!)

Right now you’re struggling to keep up with the holidays. Sadly there is no pause button. There is always going to be a lot to juggle, but, with The Holiday Spot, you can put your year-round, holiday decorating on autopilot! Your home can always have compliment-worthy decor, and it will take you just 5 minutes each month to swap out the festive art prints!
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Hang on, What is A


A holiday spot is a central area where decor will get seen and enjoyed most — by you, your family and guests. You don’t need festive decor to be everywhere to make an impact. Over the years, I noticed that decorating just my front door plus one central spot, was enough to make the whole place feel special and EVEN roused comments from visitors about “such cute” holiday decor! This observation was the seedling of my Holiday Spot System, which revolutionizes and simplifies the process of holiday decorating.
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Hello, I'm Bettijo

Welcome to Paging Supermom! I’m a single mom living with my four kids in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to being a mother, I have nearly two decades of experience as a designer and stylist. One of my pinch-me moments was being a guest on the Martha Stewart Show. My work has been featured in national magazines including Real Simple, O, Parents, and Family Circle.
Home decorating is literally in my blood. I grew up helping my mom decorate the house. Once I was married and had a home of my own, I dutifully started collecting holiday decor. At first I really enjoyed decking the halls, but quickly I was unable to keep up.
The seedling of The Holiday Spot system is a strategy I have been using in my own home for nearly a decade. One year, when my 3-year-old daughter complained that I never got around to decorating for St. Patrick’s Day, I came up with a shortcut to make sure my mantle was always decorated, and my little girl pleased. 
While I had bins of decor stored away, I kept everything I needed to decorate just my fireplace mantle, in this little, shoebox-size, plastic container in an easily-accessible cupboard. When I couldn’t muster the energy to schlep holiday decor out of storage, at least we had *something* to make the house festive.
Gradually each year, I dug out those big decor bins less and less. They sat collecting dust, but that shoebox with EASY, mantle decor came out month after month, year after year. 
I didn’t realize I had created a decorating system others might want to use until my friends asked me how I managed to decorate for every holiday, even the little ones. These friends encouraged me to create a complete decor solution they could use too, and gave me loads of feedback as I developed The Holiday Spot system.
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The Holiday Spot Ordering Options

DIY Digital

Want to save some cash? Go the Digital DIY route. You can print each holiday pack and cut it out in 20-30 minutes each month. After that first year, with your shoebox full of prepped packs, you can just swap things out each month. HIGH FIVE!




Want an even bigger shortcut? With Print + Ship, we’ll handle the printing for you. You don’t have to worry about what kind of paper to use or how to print. Get all your Holiday Spot packs delivered to your mailbox ready to cut and pop into place.

ONLY $21

Per Month


"I am sending The HOLIDAY packs to my daughter at college. She loves putting them up in her dorm. it's so nice to have SOMETHING eASY & CUTE to DROP IN THE MAIL."



"This has simplified my decor in the best way. i really appreciate you!"



Valentines Holiday Spot Styling Guide Cover Sheet

Want to know what is my favorite part of The Holiday Spot system? It’s the Holiday Spot Style Sheet! This secret weapon is your total holiday cheatsheet. For each holiday, I show you how your finished decor pieces and banner will look plus I’ve packed in a bunch of other helpful holiday info. It puts everything you need to be a festive Supermom, right at your fingertips! The Holiday Spot Style Sheet includes:

  • Visual diagram of your Holiday Spot Decor
  • Several ideas for what to write on a letterboard or chalkboard.
  • Thoughtful and easy gift ideas for neighbors, friends and teachers. 
  • Fact box with holiday reference info to be your cheatsheet when those little inquiring minds ask, “Why do we celebrate this holiday?”
  • Background on a stylized bonus quote to put on your bulletin board or fridge.

This style guide idea is from my days working in retail at THE GAP in college. We would receive these little info sheets from the corporate offices to help with styling the visual displays in the store. I knew I needed to create a sheet like that to give you ALL the info you need to celebrate with your crew!

Holiday Spot Winter Art Prints

The Holiday Spot Is For You If ...

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These items are the structure of your holiday decor, and they get to stay put all year long:

The clipboard hangs on your front door, but you could also just use a clip. Everything else is for your inside Holiday Spot, where you’ll need some way of hanging the banner. I use little tack nails, since I use them year round so the tiny holes are no bother. You could also use damage-free, Command-type hooks, or you might be able to use something already there (like cabinet knobs). 

For a little something extra, you can add a letterboard, chalkboard or lightbox since these items, can be used for every holiday. Click here for a handy Amazon shopping list to help you find everything.


I’ll provide you with the super-cute decor pieces to swap into place each month:

  • An art print for the door clipboard
  • Coordinating 5×7 & 8×10 art prints for the picture frame set. Space-saving option: pin on bulletin board or magnet to fridge 
  • Pennants for an easy strung banner
  • A bonus quote print

I also will send you a Holiday Spot Styling Guide showing how to order your banner and place things. (It’s the next best thing to having a stylist come!) The Styling Guide also includes suggestions for what to write on that letterboard or chalkboard.

The Styling Guide also has a short, holiday facts blurb (so you’ll know what to say when your littles ask, “Why do we celebrate…”). My goal is to make you feel Supermom-level festive, with very minimal effort. 

Have a burning question?

Many people like to outsource printing their packs to a copy center, and it’s easier to just print the whole year at once, and then you can just cut them out as you go. So we found that an annual commitment works best. After that first year of printing and cutting out the packs, you’ll be on total autopilot with your holiday decorating!
We have 3 holiday pack options:  Christian, Jewish, and Non-Religious. Please check out the pack details to see which holidays are included in each one.
CHRISTIAN – Winter, Valentines, St. Patrick’s Day, Spring, Easter He Lives, Summer, July 4th, Back to School, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, BONUS: New Years
JEWISH – Winter, Valentines, St. Patrick’s Day, Spring, Passover, Summer, July 4th, Back to School, Rosh Hashanah, Fall, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, BONUS: New Years
NON-RELIGIOUS – Winter, Valentines, St. Patrick’s Day, Spring, Easter Bunny, Summer, July 4th, Back to School, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, BONUS: New Years

Yes! Whether you select the DIY or Delivery option you get all the PDF files to keep.

Due to the nature of digital products, I am unable to offer refunds after purchasing. I want you to be happy with your investment, so please don’t hesitate to contact with any issues.

No. All these designs and files are protected by copyright. Your purchase includes a limited print release intended for your personal use. Please do not redistribute these files. HOWEVER you can give prints from your files as gifts to people! Print as many copies as you need just please keep the files to yourself.
Examples of Holiday Spots are entry tables, fireplace mantles, consoles, kitchen islands, piano tops, window panes, bookshelves. In my house, it is the mantle of the fireplace in my dining room, which is also visible from the front door. Sometimes your Holiday Spot is really obvious, and I find a lot of people will know instantly where to put their Holiday Spot decor. Others might need a little more help, so the introductory guide included with The Holiday Spot bundle, walks you through how to identify your Holiday Spot.
YES! You should absolutely reuse your printed decor pieces from year to year. I like to think of The Holiday Spot System as putting my holiday decorating on autopilot. That first year when you cut everything out there will be about 15 minutes of prep, and then you’re set to just swap and go!
The great thing about the Holiday Spot system is that everything stores away completely flat — you can literally keep all your decorations for an entire year in a shoebox! I love the Container Store’s Men’s Shoe Boxes that are generously sized to allow a letter-size sheet of paper to lay flat. For each holiday’s set, I recommend placing all the banner and art prints together in a zip-top plastic bag. Then store the bags altogether in a plastic bin under your bed, in a cupboard, closet or wherever you have a shoebox-size space!
You’ll need just a few fixtures to utilize your decor pieces: (1) a classic wood clipboard; (2) Matching 5×7 and 8×10 picture frames; and (3) Some twine and mini clothespins. These items get used all year long.
The clipboard hangs on your front door and everything else is for your inside Holiday Spot, where you’ll need some way of hanging the banner. I use little tack nails, since I use them year round so the tiny holes are no bother. You could also use damage-free, Command-type hooks, or you might be able to use something already there — like cabinet knobs, etc. 
For a little something extra, I like to add a letterboard, chalkboard or lightbox. These items, can be used for every holiday or season. The trick to not having to store bulky things away is buying items that are customizable to repurpose all year long!
I’ve created a handy shopping list to help you get everything you need on Amazon.
For the DIY Digital Holiday Spot: You will receive all the holiday files as soon as you order so you can dive right in wherever you like.
For our Print+Ship Holiday Spot: You will receive your digital backup files as soon as you order. Within 14 business days you’ll receive your hard copy package with all your printed Holiday Spot packs ready to cut!
YES! We are going to print and ship your holiday packs ready for your to cut and decorate. Just in case something happens to your printed copy, you will receive all the digital files as a backup.
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