Easy Cupcake Wars Party Ideas

Cupcake Wars Party 17

My oldest daughter just turned nine, and to celebrate her birthday she wanted to hold a Cupcake War. I don’t think she has ever seen an episode of the Food Network show Cupcake Wars, but she loves the Cake Boss series, and somehow picked up on the “Cupcake Wars” phrase. So we invited over a few of her friends and got baking!

How to Host a Cupcake Wars Party at PagingSupermom.com

How to Host an Easy Cupcake Wars Party at PagingSupermom.com

Turns out a Cupcake Wars birthday party is pretty easy to pull off. As far as party decor goes we created a simple “Cupcake Wars” banner and hung some colorful, tissue paper honeycomb balls and fans. (I’m sharing our free printable Cupcake Wars Banner template below). Then we used butcher paper as a tablecloth to make clean up a breeze. We marked the girls’ spots by simply writing their names on the butcher paper with a marker.

Cupcake Wars Mini Cake Stands How To from PagingSueprmom.com

Cupcake Wars Party Decor and Setup Ideas at PagingSupermom.com

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Frozen Birthday Cake Ideas: Snowball Tower

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas 88

We loved Disney’s Frozen movie and were inspired with a bunch of Frozen birthday party ideas. We have almost got everything ready to share, but today we are offering a sneak peek with this Frozen birthday cake idea and tutorial.

Frozen Birthday Cake Ideas at PagingSupermom.com #frozen

I’ve been calling this delicious tower of snowball goodness Elsa’s Frozen Blizzard Birthday Cake, and although it looks fantastic, it is deceptively easy to pull off. Inspired by the French classic Croquembouche dessert, only our snowball donut tower cake requires NO baking, NO frosting, and it really couldn’t be easier!

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How to Host a Rapunzel Party


Ever since we posted about Attalie’s Rapunzel Birthday Party last year, we’ve been caught up in a bit of a Tangled whirlwind. When I was planning the party in December 2010, the movie was brand new and there weren’t a lot of ideas out there. So Aimée and I let our brainstorm run wild and the resulting party was loads of fun and landed us on the Martha Stewart show!


Equally fun has been sharing it with all of you and re-living the excitement as many of our readers have hosted their own Rapunzel Birthday Parties. Of course our inboxes have also filled up with lots of questions:

“How did you make that Tangled Birthday Cake?” and “Was it hard?”
“Got any other easy Rapunzel Birthday Cake ideas?”
“Do you have any printable Rapunzel cupcake toppers?”
“Where can I find a Rapunzel Crown template?”

And this one, asked more times than we can count, really got us thinking… “Do you know how I can customize that Rapunzel Birthday Party Invitation with my party details?”

So today, I am very excited to unveil a TOP SECRET project that was months in the making. We’ve heard the cries for help, and Aimée and I think we have the answer. Well two answers actually. (Be sure to scroll to the end of this post for the really BIG news.) First up is our NEW! Rapunzel Printable Party Pack and a few freebies.

We’ve created all the printables we think anyone would ever need to host their own Rapunzel Birthday Party (yes, even a printable Rapunzel Crown), and we’re giving a few of them away FREE! Feast your eyes…


We took most of our inspiration from the purple and yellow Kingdom Sun Pennants seen flying all over the town square at the Lantern Festival in the Tangled movie.

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14 Fabulous Baby Shower Themes

Ultimate Baby Shower Bundle Image

UPDATE: Sadly this bundle is no longer available, but you can still get my Rock-a-Bye Rock Star Baby Shower pack here.

We have something pretty amazing to share today — we’ve teamed up with a bunch of bloggers to create the Ultimate Baby Shower Bundle. It includes 14 different Baby Shower themes, all ready to go, PLUS a bonus Gender Reveal party and Pregnancy Announcement Pack. Take a peek:

Download the Ultimate Baby Shower Printables Bundle with FOURTEEN different themed packs for the most popular baby shower themes via @PagingSupermom #babyshower #printables

I don’t know about you, but, between the two of us, Aimée and I probably host a baby shower every other month. Having this bundle of baby showers all planned out would be a huge time saver! No more hunting all over for the right theme or printable, we’ve picked the most popular themes for both boys and girls and even baby shower decor that is gender neutral.

We’ve pretty much thought of everything:

:: 14 Different and COMPLETE printable baby shower themes
:: 1 Pregnancy Announcement & Month-By-Month Sign Pack
:: 1 Gender Reveal Party Pack

Every theme includes matching invitations that you can personalize as well as banners, decor, cupcake toppers, table tents, and party favor ideas. We’ve also planned a non-cheesy baby shower game to go with every theme. There is so much more… check out all the cute photos below.

All together, it’s a collection of over 440 PAGES that are not available ANYWHERE else… only in this exclusive Baby Shower Printable Bundle!

PLEASE NOTE: These are digital printables, and the download link will be emailed to the Paypal email address you use to pay. Due to the nature of digital prints, all purchases of this bundle are final. Please read the list below to see exactly what is included.

Rock Star Baby Shower via @PagingSupermom

We designed the Rockabye Baby Shower, and could not be more excited about how it turned out. The banner strung on a metal chain is our favorite rock-star detail along with the easy, DIY records — made from paper plates and our printable record labels. (Click the image below so you can read the labels — they’re super funny!)

Check out these DIY Paper Plate Records using this cute printable from @PagingSupermom

Check out the rest of the Rock Star Baby Shower in detail over in this post, and remember this rock & roll theme is just one of the sixteen themes in the bundle.

The cutest Rockabye Baby Shower from @PagingSupermom #rockstar #rockandroll

Here is a closer look at the rest of the bundle:

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Hello Sailor Baby Shower Ideas

Sailor Baby Shower 8

Last Fall I threw a nautical baby shower for my friend who was expecting her first boy. You might remember that I just had my first baby boy last year, and Aimée helped me celebrate with this darling Farm Boy baby shower. Well my friend Mandy picked a nautical theme for her baby’s nursery, and drawing on that as inspiration, I created this sailor-themed baby shower. A quick word about the photos in this post… I wasn’t planning to share this party on the blog, and I sadly never got out my “real” camera. So all we have are a handful of shots from my iPhone, but this party just turned out too cute not to share.

Hello Door Sign for Nautical Party at PagingSupermom.com #nautical #partydecor

If you ever have a chance to meet my dear friend Mandy you would never forget her stunning, red lips. As I was brainstorming ideas for her shower, this classic sailor kiss photo called V-J Day in Time Square by Alfred Eisenstaedt, kept coming to my mind. I knew I had to create something to frame for my fireplace featuring a bright, red kiss! I’m sure Mandy’s little sailor will be covered in these kisses.

Hello Sailor! Love this Nautical Themed party at PagingSupermom.com #nautical

I love to make baby shower’s reflect the Mama’s style, and for Mandy who is an aspiring singer and model, the typical nautical baby shower would have been just too cute. So I limited my color palette, which helped to create a look that was more rough and edgy, yet chic. The circle, swirl pattern and “It’s a Boy” anchor sign are both reminiscent of a sailor’s tough, tattooed arms.

We are so excited about how things turned out, and we decided to share all the printables needed to recreate this party in our Supermom Co-Op. There are 15-pages of printables — including an invitation that you can personalize and print yourself — all available in one handy Instant Sailor Party Pack for less than five bucks!

Love these Nautical Sailor Baby Shower ideas with all the printables including customizable invitation at PagingSupermom.com #nautical #partyideas #babyshower

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Country Ghost Party: Recipes


Need some good Halloween dinner ideas? Here’s our favorite recipes from our Country Ghost Party.

For Halloween Dinner Eat Ghostly White Chili and Homemade Mac & Cheese

For our main dishes we served ever-popular homemade mac+cheese and my personal favorite a ghostly white chili! I whipped up this simple macaroni & cheese recipe. Debbie (whom you may know as Dr. Debbie), makes the most scrumptious and kid-friendly chili. It’s a fall and wintertime favorite at our house. Lucky for us all, she’s agreed to share her recipe:

Debbie’s Ghostly Chili

:: 2 cans white navy beans, reserve liquid
:: 1 large onion, peeled and chopped
:: 1/4 cup butter
:: 1/4 cup flour
:: 1 1/2 tsp chili powder
:: 1 tsp cumin
:: 1/2 tsp salt
:: 1/2 tsp pepper
:: 1 cup chicken broth
:: 1 cup half and half
:: 2 – 4 oz cans of diced green chilies
:: 1 cup cooked cubed chicken

Saute onions in 2 Tbs butter. Add remaining butter, flour and powdered spices. Cook until you have a roux, about one minute. Gradually add chicken broth, bean liquid and cream. Stir until smooth and slightly thickened. Then add sauce to beans, chilies and chicken. Warm in crock pot until ready to serve.

white chili recipe for Halloween Dinner

We offered colorless garnishes for the chili: white cheddar, white onion, sour cream and white corn tortilla chips served up in cracker jars atop tree stump pedestals. These wood slabs are my favorite part of the food table. Nothing says “rustic” as perfectly as these raw tree slices that still have bark — with lichen and all — still in tact.

What to Make for Halloween Dinner

SUPERMOM PARTY SECRET: To remove the intense onion smell and taste from the diced onion garnish, soak the diced pieces in ice water for 30 minutes, then drain and refrigerate until ready for use. I diced and rinsed mine about 10 hours before our party to ensure the smell would be gone!

Halloween Dinner Ideas: Boo Biscuits with Orange Butter

The Boo Biscuits are really Harrison’s favorite breakfast treat: buttermilk scones. To make them appropriate for this ghostly feast I shaped them with our favorite ghost cookie cutter. Continue reading for the recipe…

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Easy Tangled Party Invites


I promise we’ll be getting back to St. Patrick’s Day stuff later this week, but I’ve had these new Rapunzel Birthday Party Invitations sitting on my desk for a couple months now and finally got around to photographing them.

I know we already showed you our super-cool Tangled Tower Invitation, and we still love that idea. (I mean it’s pretty hard not to love the idea that landed you on the Martha Stewart Show, right?!) However, it came to our attention after this post that many people were looking for a simpler invitation for their parties — what do you mean you don’t want to buy a special paper punch or make a dozen Rapunzel braids? We so hear you! So I set out to design a new, printable Tangled-themed birthday party invitation with absolutely no braiding required.

Easy Tangled Birthday Party Invitations

I was planning to just make one, but Aimée and I loved each of these designs equally well and couldn’t choose… so you’re actually get TWO new Tangled Birthday Party invite ideas (you’re welcome!)

Both of these new easier Rapunzel party invites coordinate with our new Tangled Printable Party Collection — read more about it here.


The beauty of these invitations is you just print, cut and mail. Of course, being the Supermom wannabes that we are, Aimée and I couldn’t resist adding a little something extra to the sun emblems with a bit of gold glitter and glue, but this DIY is truly easy.


ALL YOU NEED: school glue and some fine gold glitter. We used this one which is also available in our favorite glitter set. (Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about Martha’s glitter pack… Aimée and I both have and love it, and if you don’t already have it we say make it an early Easter gift to yourself!)

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