Paging All Twilight Supermoms

There’s a BIG wedding tonight, and you’re all invited!



How many of you Supermoms are Twilight fans? I’m not a weirdo fanatic who vacations to Fork, Washington to hunt vampires, but I did enjoy reading the books, and I especially enjoy going with my pals to the midnight premiers of each of the movies.

Tonight we will be going to the midnight showing at my FAVORITE theater, iPic. Have you been there? Clint and I love this place for date night. It’s wonderful — I opted for the luxurious VIP reclining seats that come complete with a blanket, pillow, popcorn, a server and valet parking — beats waiting in a long line with hoards of teens, and it’s definitely going to be a fun Girls Night Out!

The Groom


Other than having to be at my early morning boot camp workout within 2-3 hours of the midnight show ending, I’m expecting a good night. Check out the official Summit Entertainment photos here.

Will you be watching Breaking Dawn Part 1 too?


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