Our Best Father’s Day Ideas

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Today I’ve rounded up all my favorite Father’s Day ideas for you. To start off, I wanted to remind you about this “Do You Know Dad?” game idea I shared last year. I got it up pretty late, though, so I’m betting most of you didn’t have time to get it ready for Father’s Day. You’ve got plenty of time this year — it’s just shy of three weeks until Father’s Day on June 19!

Do You Know Dad? Game - free printables from @PagingSupermom

When I shared this game idea last year, I had envisioned it becoming a family tradition — I loved that it gave us something to DO at our Father’s Day dinner… besides eat! We hadn’t yet had a chance to play it as a family. So I also wanted to report in on how things went.

We actually had 3 generations of Father’s with us for our Father’s Day dinner, my grandpa, my dad, and my husband. I had envisioned playing three different rounds with my husband as the “Dad” in question, but instead we ended up doing a round focused on each of the different Dads. This worked out so perfectly because everyone got to take turns guessing, and it was amazing the fun things we learned getting so many generations involved. It is definitely a new family tradition that we’ll be doing each year. The packet even includes a blank question page so you can make up your own questions to change things up each year.

It was so fun in fact that I made a version of it for Mother’s Day that we played this month, but alas I was too late to get that up on the blog this year — I promise to have it for you next year.

Do You Know Dad? Game - Free Printables via @PagingSupermom

Easy Treats for Father's Day to pass out at Church via @PagingSupermom

In our church, treats get passed out to each of the Dads on Father’s Day. We shared this idea a couple years ago for adorable Best Dad Cookie Medals. They were such a hit!

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Do You Know Dad? Game

Do You Know Dad? Game - free printables from @PagingSupermom

Today we’re sharing the perfect activity for Father’s Day — Inspired by The Newlywed Game show, we’ve created a free printable game that puts to the test your kids’ knowledge of Dad. It’s sure to be a lively time for the whole family, and make this Father’s Day extra memorable.

Do You Know Dad Game - Free Printables via @PagingSupermom

Remember these Dad Questionnaires we shared a while back? Well I came across one we have here and was struck with the thought of how Dad would have answered the questions for himself, and that was the seedling of this game. I can’t wait to play it with my kids on Father’s Day. I’m also planning to take it with me to our upcoming family reunion where I can challenge my siblings to a duel of who know’s Dad best!

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