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We Love Washi Tape at #washitapeWe Love Washi Tape at #washitape

So we’ve been having a tough time getting back into the swing of things. Between recovering from the typical holiday craziness and flu and colds making their way through our homes… we’re running behind! Sound familiar to anyone?

I just wanted to pop in and share one of Aimee & my current obsessions: Washi Tape! (Here’s why we love it). We’ve actually been washi tape fans for quite a while, but Santa put several new rolls in my stocking and reminded me just how much I love it! I enjoy collecting pretty things that I get to use… which is why I’m also obsessed with bowls and cake stands. Hope you had a wonderful holiday, and I’m sending warm & healthy thoughts your way!

Bettijo Bridges

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3 thoughts on “Stuck on This”

  1. I LOVE washi tape too! Used a lot of it for our New Year’s Eve Party; I wrapped them around dowels for jingle sticks and even decorated platters with them! I have so many rolls, I’m becoming a hoarder :)

  2. I would love to see your ideas for uses of Washi tape. I have a few rolls – I love them, however I NEVER know how to use them. I’m so unimaginable.

    • The No. 1 way I use washi tape is to hang banners or decor at parties or for holidays (see this post: it’s nice to coordinate the tape and let it be part of the decor rather than having to try to hide it!

      My daughter’s used washi tape to decorate plain colored folders and notebooks for school. I also will often seal envelopes with it just to add a little pop of fun. I even have a regular old tape dispenser on my desk that used to hold clear scotch tape and now it has fun washi tape in it — I’ve found by having it handy I’ll come up with all sorts of fun places to use it.


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