I’m a BooHoo Mom!


Taking Liam to his first day of Kindergarten was even harder than I imagined it to be. Although I loved playing with Harrison (my youngest) all day, it felt like the longest, emptiest day because we didn’t get to share it with Liam. (Is it too soon to start the official countdown for next summer?)

Anyway, after leaving Liam in his Kindergarten class, the Moms were invited to a BooHoo + WooHoo breakfast social. I, of course, was a total BooHoo Mom (although amazingly held back all visible tears until I was back in my car). But there were also the amazing WooHoo Moms celebrating their newfound freedom and their child’s next chapter.

So, as we enter this back-to-school season, are you a BooHoo or WooHoo Mom?


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7 thoughts on “I’m a BooHoo Mom!”

  1. That is so sweet. My oldest starts in a few weeks and I am simultaneously thrilled and despondent. Is there any chance you’d like to share the printable for that sign?

  2. I have been a Boo Hoo mom with all 3 of my kiddos! I thought it would not affect me with my 2 youngest who are home-schooled 3 days a week and go to school the other 2 but it does… every year! Cute idea for the mom breakfast btw! Thanks for the cute printable.

    • I was hoping it would be easier when my younger starts Kindergarten in a few years–but you’re right. Who am I trying it kid? I know it won’t be!

  3. My 4th child just started kindergarten, and I’m excited for her. The best part–she gets to sit next to me and we learn together! As a homeschooling mom, I don’t have to worry about sending her off (and most states don’t require school under age 7, so kindergarten isn’t mandatory).

    She is so different from her older siblings. I’m having tons of fun teaching her. She is headstrong and she keeps asking for harder work (this is the different from her siblings part!)


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