How to Have a Toast Bar

I’ve had this idea to do a Toast Bar for over a year, but I’ve just been waiting for the right event to come along. I was originally thinking a Toast Bar would be perfect for a bridal shower or baby shower, but when I decided to host an open house to show off my new kitchen, I figured a Toast Bar would be perfect.

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I wanted to allow guests to make the toast themselves, so the toaster became the centerpiece on the food table, which, of course, means you need a cute toaster! My long-time favorite has been these classic metal toasters from Cuisinart, and luckily they gladly sent over the toasters for this event. Aren’t they pretty?? It also comes in a 2-slice version, but for this party I think the 4-slice is a must.

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My daughter Attalie is so clever, and she thinks I should call this party a “Toast Jam” instead of a “Toast Bar.” Either way I definitely think this needs to be a thing! I mean really, who doesn’t love toast, especially when you have a bunch of breads and spreads to choose from.

How to Host a Toast Bar via @PagingSupermom
How to Host a Toast Bar via @PagingSupermom

Of course toast needs to be eaten fresh and hot, and logistically I didn’t want guests to have to wait forever to use the toaster, so I figured two toasters would be perfect for my crowd. For groups with more than 50 guests you might want to consider additional toasters.

THE CUTEST Toaster from @Cuisinart + how to Host a Toast Bar via @PagingSupermom

I served up a variety of homemade and store-bought breads including homemade white bread (I love my friend Jamielyn’s recipe), wheat bread, sourdough, artisan bread (recipe) and English muffins.

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I adore English muffins more then I can say (if you’re here in Phoenix you simply NEED to go to Le Grande Orange and get their homemade English muffins). It’s a really good idea to have wooden toast tongs handy to help guests retrieve their toasted muffins.

THE CUTEST Toaster from @Cuisinart + how to Host a Toast Bar via @PagingSupermom

Now here’s where the real fun begins… all those toppings! I served up 10 different spreads and 3 whipped butters.

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Toast Bar-1453

Since the spreads can be easy to mix up, be sure to label everything. Download our free printable spread labels. If you really have superpowers you could make them all homemade, but let’s get real!

These spreads are easy to make yourself: (click for the recipe)
Cinnamon Toast Spread, Easy Apple Butter, Strawberry Jam, Garlic Butter, Orange Butter and Honey Butter.

I used store-bought versions of these spreads:
peanut butter, almond butter, honey, nutella, lemon curd, orange marmalade and grape jelly.

MUST TRY Cinnamon Toast Spread recipe PLUS how to Host a Toast Bar via @PagingSupermom

Cinnamon toast is one of our family favorites, but I was worried if the shaker would get a bit messy, so I invented this Cinnamon Toast spread, and it blew our minds! Seriously if you want the best cinnamon toast EVER, you need to make this stuff… luckily it’s super easy.

Toast Bar-1428

Apart from the jam and apple butter, I made up all the spreads the night before the party. Just make sure you have plenty of butter and let it soften on the counter for a few hours before you dive in. Also if you’ve got a Kitchen Aid you’ll want one of these Beater Blades that scrapes the sides of the bowl for you. I use mine for pretty much everything, but it’s super dreamy for whipping up butters.

MUST TRY Orange Butter recipe PLUS how to Host a Toast Bar via @PagingSupermom
How to Host a Toast Bar via @PagingSupermom

Are you ready to host your own Toast Bar? Seriously it seems so perfect for a Bridal Shower… get one toaster for you, one for the bride and everybody’s happy!

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I really think a Toast Bar can work at a party any time of the year, but if you’re hosting yours in the winter time you can decorate like I did with paper snowflakes. We cut out bunches (here’s how to cut perfect snowflakes) and covered the walls.

How to Cut Snowflakes via @PagingSupermom

For a party favor I wrapped cozy socks with a simple “Get Toasty” label. You can download the free printable label template.

"Get Toasty" party favors FREE PRINTABLE tag from @PagingSupermom

:: Buy the Cuisinart Classic Toaster
:: Buy the Mini Wood Spreaders
:: Download the free printable “Let Them Eat Toast” Sign
:: Download the free printable “Get Toasty” Party Favor Tags
:: Buy Cozy Socks for Party Favors
:: Download the free printable Toast Bar Spread Labels

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