How to Make Easy Flower Crowns with Fresh Flowers

My daughter and I have enjoyed making flower crowns lately. After all our experimenting, we have come up with a simplified process for how to make a flower crown. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to make flower crowns!

For my daughter’s 16th birthday recently, she invited a few friends for a picnic in a beautiful location, and we taught everyone how to make a flower crown. After each girl finished, we had a fun photoshoot of the girls wearing their crowns. It was a lovely afternoon — the girls were so proud of their flower crowns, and the pictures turned out beautiful.

How to make a flower crown - tutorial for easiest flower crowns @PagingSupermom
Flower Crown Tutorial -- how to make easy flower crowns @PagingSupermom

My favorite part of making flower crowns is seeing how different each one turns out.

Making flower crowns doesn’t just have to be for older girls though. We has some friends make crowns with young girls and they turned out  just as well as the older girls crowns. My favorite part of teaching how to make a flower crown is seeing how different each one turns out.

How to Make a Flower Crowns with Fresh Flowers

How to make a flower crown

We have discovered three floral/greenery items that work best and are the most economical for longevity and work-ability. First, we buy a pack of baby’s breath at the local grocery store for about $4. It is a great filler or you can use it in place of flowers (as we did below). Our favorite main flowers are mini carnations because the miniature ones have the look of roses but are less expensive and much more hardy than roses. Last, we look around our yard for vines, tree branches or bushes that can be used as greenery and filler for the base of our flower crowns. Look for greenery with small leaves that are spaced close together. Obviously if you can’t find greenery in your yard, you can always buy it at the store. We have made 9-10 crowns for about $15 so it can be a very inexpensive and fun activity.


  • Baby’s breath
  • Green, small-leafed filler for the crown base
  • Mini carnations, roses and/or daisies, etc.
  • Floral tape (easily found at Wal-mart in the floral section for around $1)
  • Floral wire (found with the floral tape for another $1)
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
How to Make a Flower Crown Tutorial -- learn to make easy flower crowns @PagingSupermom
Often used as a filler, baby’s breath also looks gorgeous as the main flower in the crown, like we did here.

TO MAKE: Take a length of floral wire and wrap it around your head, leaving extra room for adding flowers. It’s better for your crown to fit too big than too small! Once you have your head size, triple the wire for sturdiness. Loosely wrap the last wire around the previous two to keep them all together and then twist the ends closed. Make sure to wrap the wire ends with floral tape to keep them from poking into your head.

Make Flower Crowns with our Easy Tutorial @PagingSupermom

Easy Flower Crown Tutorial -- how to make easy flower crowns @PagingSupermom

Now you are ready to start adding flowers to your crown. It is quite simple, and you will easily figure it out as you go. We have made flower crowns with many different people (who have never made one before) and they have all created beautiful crowns.

As the base, layer one or two greenery types, twisting around the wire and securing with floral tape. Make sure all leaves and flowers lay in the same direction around the wire. Once your greenery is to your liking, choose where the front should be and start adding baby’s breath a little at a time, poking the ends into the wire and greenery. Then choose which flowers you would like and choose a pattern (remember an odd number of flowers is usually best). Cut each flower stem a couple of inches, wind through the wire and attach with more small bits of wire, making sure to also secure the baby’s breath as you go. Continue around the crown, adding flowers and attaching. Finally check for loose pieces and add extra sprigs of leaves and greenery to fill in the crown completely.

Flower crowns are so versatile and can be simple or complex. They can be filled with flowers all around, or have the main flowers focused towards the front, or no flowers at all. The main flowers can be spaced out or bunched together. There is no right or wrong way.

Flower Crown Tutorial -- how to make easy flower crowns @PagingSupermom

Flower Crown Tutorial -- how to make easy flower crowns @PagingSupermom

Flower Crown Hand  Flower Crown Tutorial -- make flower crowns the easy way @PagingSupermom

The best part is trying your crown on! Be sure to take lots of beautiful photos. Also, the flower crowns last longer in the refrigerator with wet paper towels over them.

Flower Crown Tutorial -- how to make easy flower crowns @PagingSupermom

As my daughter likes to say “Life is better with a flower crown.”

Flower Crown Tutorial -- how to make easy flower crowns @PagingSupermom

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